1. What does a digital classroom look like?
  2. Classroom Procedures and Expectations
  3. File Management
  4. Trouble Shooting Strategies
  5. Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Learning in Teams
  7. Extensive toolkit for engaging students in KeyPal activities - adding depth and dimension
  8. Communication Tools: Virtual Communities and online projects
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  1. Integrating Technology
    1. Exploring Math with Technology - links to interactive math websites and 43 sample BCRs (Brief Constructed Responses) to download. Each website activity is labeled with a MSDE content standard number.
    2. Writing to our online friends in Canada - at Xit'olacw Community School
    3. Friends Half a World Away! - our online friends in Taiwan - an ISTE 2004 SIGTel Online Award recipient - "commendable"
    4. Using Palms with students in Grade 1 and Grade 2
    5. Examples of technology integration at Delmar Elementary - 1998-2004 and more from 1992-1997
    6. Online collaboration - ...and why you *do* want to do it.
  2. Additional Resources
    1. Online resources - Interactive websites for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and more
    2. Kidspiration templates - resources for primary and intermediate grades - Math and Language Arts
    3. Resources for special days and celebrations such as Earth Day, Black History Month, and more.
    4. Links to online projects
    5. Links to Virtual Communities

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Patti Weeg
April 17, 2004