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  1. 100th Day of School activities:
    1. 100th day of school - with printables and worksheets, lesson plans, thematic units and ideas.
    2. 100th Day of School Celebration - site by Tammy Payton, includes links to other 100th day ideas
    3. 100th Day of School website by Joan Holub. Includes celebration ideas, 100th day books,
    4. 100 Jelly Beans - Miami Museum of Science. Includes lesson plans.
    5. Celebrate the 100th Day in 100 Ways - One hundred ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school.
    6. Yahooligans links for 100th day of school
    7. 100th Day - Celebrate the Kindness - A teacher tells how her class embarked on a Crusade of Kindness in preparation fortheir school's 100th Day Celebration. She describes in detail how they carried out their project.
    8. 100th day of school - from Scholastic
    (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  2. Arthur - PBS website about Arthur, the world's most famouse aardvark (Arthur stories are found in our grade 2 reading series) (Submitted by Patti Weeg) Meet Marc Brown - author of the Arthur books

  3. Black History Month
    1. Black History Hot List - A collection of links from The Franklin Institute Online.
    2. Black History from Tennessee Technological University - This site reviews the eras of black history.dealing with arts & education, arts & religion, civil rights and politics, and all of it pertains to biographies. (Submitted by Dawn Cuffee)

  4. Learning With Dr. Suess - Cat in the Hat Ideas, Hop on Pop Ideas, Hooray for Diffendoofer Day Ideas, Seuss Activity Sheets, Awesome Seuss Links To Lessons, Math Activities, Read Across America Board, Interactive Seuss Fun, Ideas for The Lorax, Seuss Screen Saver and more. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  5. Earth Day websites
    1. Earth Day resources
    2. Earthday Wilderness
    3. Earth Day resources from

  6. - The "Little Explorers" is a picture dictionary that you may find useful. You can also find information about dinosaurs, nursery rhymes, the ocean, butterflies, whales, inventions, explorers, voting for a president, rainforets, preschool activities and kinder crafts. Age: elementary (Submitted by Cindy Tardiff)

  7. What's new in the Globalclassroom at Delmar Elementary School? is the digital portfolio of online projects at Delmar since 1991. Ages: elementary (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  8. Graphic Organizers - from S.C.O.R.E Language Arts (California). Includes chain of events, clustering, compare/contrast, family tree, spider map, K-W-L-H Technique and more. Ages: all (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  9. Groundhog Day
    1. - Groundhog Day activities and history of the day. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)
    2. Groundhog Day Links for Kids - resource page filled with many links (Submitted by Patti Weeg)
    3. Groundhogs - A woodchuck named Punxsutawney Phil has his own Official Groundhog Site where you will find the countdown to his 113th Anniversary. You will be able to meet all of his family - Celsius - Foggy - Frosty & Crystal - Sunny & Halo - Tomado - Typhoon and Windy. (Submitted by Ann Gilmore)
    4. Wiarton Willie - Canada's Groundhog Day relies on the predictions of an albino groundhog named Wiarton Willie. (Submitted by Ann Gilmore)

  10. Interactive Math games (Submitted by Patti Weeg) includes such sites as FunBrain and FunSchool

  11. Interactive Math Sites - a list of math sites that includes pattern blocks, base 10 blocks, tessellations, pentominoes, geoboards, symmetry, unfolding polyhedra and more. Ages: elementary (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  12. Jump Rope For Heart - many links to webpages about jump rope skills. Visit these websites and compare the jumping skills in the USA and Australian webpages. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  13. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - The most complete collection of resources for teachers on the WWW. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  14. Kidlink global projects - includes these projects and many more. Lesson activities and resources are included. All ages. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)
    1. Who Am I?" program - an 8 month educational program that includes these topics: (all ages)
      • Who Am I?
      • Where Do I Live?
      • What Are My Rights?
      • My Friends and Family
      • What Are My Roots?
      • Virtual Vacation
    2. Grandmother and Me - a multi-lingual project (ongoing) that includes text in 13 languages as well as original art (scanned or computer art) by children around the world. All ages. Especially appropriate for ESLL students.
    3. Math Around Us - One math topic is discussed per month. Topics include:
      • October: Math Curse Revisited
      • November: Math in Careers
      • December: Personal Measurement
      • January: Map It Out
      • February: Math in the News
      • March: Make Math Fit
      • April: Wait a Minute
      • May: Coming For a Visit

  15. Kidspiration templates from North Canton, Ohio

  16. Kidspiration templates from Patti

  17. - Books for kids ages 6-12. Includes e-mail addresses of authors of favorite books that kids read. Ages: elementary. (Submitted by Betty Ryall)

  18. Kindergarten Sites -
    1. Teaching With the Web Resources for all grade levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 created by Kennesaw State University Educational Technology Center.
    2. Early Childhood Websites - by LT Technologies - Linking Teaching With Technology
    3. A World of Kindergartens - compiled by early childhood education teachers around the world
    4. Early Childhood Technology Literacy Montgomery County, Maryland
    5. SCORE CyberGuides K-3
    6. Kinder Garden Science activities - with plants, gardens, or the outdoors in general.

  19. Maryland Technology Academy 2000 - Multimedia projects developed by Maryland teachers- excellent resources!

  20. MSPAP website - filled with information about MSPAP including Maryland Learner Outcomes, how the test is scored and more. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  21. Physical Education and Regular Ed Resources:
    1. - A cybercenter for Family Home Childcare Advocates
    2. - Includes rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes and much more
    3. - Geography World
    4. - Mexico: A website made by a typical 2nd grade class from the state of Texas. The children helped to plan and write this page. They have put together a page with pictures, information and Mexican music.
    (Submitted by Marianne Buffum)

  22. Puzzle Maker - It's a site where you can create your own word searches, crosswords and other puzzles. All you do is type the words in and the site creates the puzzle for you. It then puts it in printable format and you have your puzzle. This is especially great for spelling words of the week. The site also has a place to create quizzes online and stores it for you. You can sign up as a member for free and you will get various information from the site as they add new information for teachers to use. (Submitted by Brenda Spindler)

  23. Powers of Ten - Students will... "Notice how each picture is actually an image of something that is 10 times bigger or smaller than the one preceding or following it." (Submitted by Joyce Perdue)

  24. Read Across America Sites (Submitted by Patti Weeg)
    1. NEA's Read Across America "Theme for 2001 is, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." Visit the 2001 theme page for ideas and tips on how to bring the inspiration of this modern classic to your own Read Across America celebration.
    2. Links to the Read Across America site and reading lists, as well as pointers to our own collections of reading suggestions, book sites, author sites and information, and much more.
    3. Seussville at Random House Dr. Seuss's playground in cyberspace. You can play games, chat with the Cat in the Hat, win prizes, find out about new Dr. Seuss books and CD-ROMs, and more.
    4. Dr. Seuss' birthday - K/1 Excellent lesson plans with printables and includes directions and pictures for making a Cat in the Hat Wearable Hat
    5. Mini Unit- Cat in the Hat
    6. Meeting and Reading with Dr. Seuss - 5 day plans
    7. lesson plans for Dr. Seuss.

  25. Sites For Teachers - a site that lists lots of other sites and resources for teachers. (Submitted by Brenda Spindler)

  26. Sparky the Fire Dog - great for Fire Prevention Week. Includes safety information and news about "The Great Escape" - the world's largest fire drill. Ages: elementary. (Submitted by Betty Ryall)

  27. T.H.E. Journal - lots of useful links - one is called Weekly History Calendar. There you can check out daily history events. (Submitted by Cindy Tardiff)

  28. Technology Lessons - examples of computer activities for students in K-3 from Fairfax County. (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  29. Time For Kids - "the online version of Time for Kids magazine, is the news, information and exploration destination for kids on the Internet." Click on "Grades K-1" for the Big Picture Edition Online. Age: elementary (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

  30. Weather Sites for students
    1. clouds - A program started by Jack Borden, former televison reporter in Boston, MA, to educate our children to "Look up" and become aware of the sky (Submitted by Brenda Spindler)
    2. Bay Kids' Weather Page - list of weather sites for kids [a ThinkQuest Jr. Award winning site]
    3. Kids Domain weather links
    (Submitted by Patti Weeg)

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