Math Games

  1. Quia Quia is an interactive site where teachers and students can create their own educational games or play games that others have created. The site contains twelve different types of online games: flashcards, matching, concentration, word search, hangman, challenge board, and a quiz-show style trivia game. Quiz administration and reporting tools are included. There are many subject areas for all students. Click on "Math" to see the math games.

  2. AIMS Puzzle Corner - These AIMS puzzles encourage students to do math just for the fun of it. The lessons descriptions help teachers focus on the math behind the puzzles. The lessons also include worksheets that can be printed and duplicated for classroom use.
  3. - an Interactive web site with many educational games in 8 subject areas. Teachers can also make their own quizzes for their students. The scores are e-mailed to the teacher when the student has finished the quiz.
  4. - Game activities are organized by grade level from pre-K through grade 6. Students have a choice of over 500 games.
  5. Figure This! - Math Challenges for Families. This site, designed for middle schoolers, includes challenges in algebra, geometry, measurement, numeration, statistics and probability. Advanced 5th grade students should be able to do take the challenges and have fun.
  6. Play a Mayan Game - Students have fun playing a game using the Mayan numeration system.
  7. Play with an online soroban or abacus - Learn the proper way to hold and count with a soroban or abacus. A java applet allows the students to count with the abacus on the screen.
  8. Play with an abacus by Alexander Bogomolny. This site explains the origins of the abacus and also includes a java applet that gives students an online abacus to play with.
  9. Education 4 Kids - Drill games in math, social studies, language and science.
  10. Money Drills - Students place the correct coins in the piggy bank to make an exact amount. Example: Place 5 coins in the piggy bank that equal 27 cents.
  11. Kid's Domain Math Games Many math games for kids starting with age six.
  12. SchoolHouse Mathematics: Math Games
  13. Money Experience for Kids - from Edu 4 Kids. Students make change, spend money and play Piggy Bank Breakin.
  14. The Change Maker from - Students get to choose a level of difficulty from easy to medium, hard or super brain for the big spenders.
  15. Homeschooling Math Games - Includes such drill and practice games as "Matho" which is similar to Bingo. Alphy's Flying Math Game is a primary addition game for grade 1. Other games include geometry, Cash Register game, Lemonade Larry and Math Baseball.
  16. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles by Alexander Bogomolny
  17. The Money Factory Kids Page - Game is based on US money. Students match the faces on bills and other games.
  18. Spacey Math from Learning Planet - requires Shockwave plugin which you can download quickly from the site.
  19. Learning Planet Online Games and Activities require Shockwave plugin. A collection of many math games by grade levels pre-K through 6.