Trouble Shooting

Some common problems in our lab might be:

  1. sound not working in an application we are using
  2. printer not printing
  3. we can't connect to our network on one of our computers
When I have a problem with hardware or software in my lab I always try to "check the obvious" first -power and connections.
  1. is there power to the printer, computer or monitor?
  2. printers can be a pain. Sometimes rebooting the computer fixes the problem. In fact, rebooting fixes many of our problems on the network. :-)
  3. are all peripherals connected properly or has a cable/cord come loose?
  4. If one computer isn't connecting to the net work the problem could be:
    • bad network card
    • bad cable
    • bad port
    • problem with the hub
  5. sound problems might be a change on the network. This recently happened at our school. The techs at the central office made changes on the server and we couldn't hear sounds anymore. Certain sound files were no longer recognized. Arghh.. this was out of our control
  6. When I can't solve the problem myself I call our "Help" line and a tech comes out in a day or two.


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Patti Weeg
March 21, 2004