Classroom Procedures and Expectations

Use Our Computers With Care:

  1. When using our computers, be sure to have clean hands
  2. Do not bang on the keyboard.
  3. Do not curl the corners of our mouse pads.
  4. Wear your headsets properly and do not change volume settings unless sound is too loud. Do not twist and play with headset chords.
  5. Food and drink are not allowed near our computers.
  6. Refer to the Acceptable Use Policy for good computer use.
Remember Our Daily Routines:
  1. When entering our computer lab, go to your assigned computer and wait for directions. You might be told login to the CompassLearning software or to use a software package on the network application screen.
  2. Listen attentively while Mrs. Weeg explains the content standard for the day's lesson.
  3. Raise your hand if you have questions. Calling out is not acceptable behavior.
  4. Save all printed papers in your paper folder by your computer.
  5. When class time is over be sure to exit all programs immediately, logout and exit to Windows.
  6. When it is time to leave the lab, stand behind your chair and file out of the lab with the person sitting at computer 6 as the first in line.
Use Your Time Wisely:
  1. After arriving in the computer lab, you have approximately 25 minutes of class time. Once directions have been given it is essential that you begin your tasks immediately and remain focused on your work.
  2. Do not ask to leave the lab for a bathroom break unless there is an emergency.
  3. When appropriate, all files must be saved in your student folder on the campus network J drive. Name your files with all lowercase letters and no punctuation marks. Choose a filename that tells about the file such as bobcats.doc
  4. Close all programs as soon as you are told that class time is over.
Cooperate and Be a Team Player:
  1. 1. Make sure that you, and your parent or guardian, sign our Acceptable Use Policy. Remember to keep the promises you made when you signed it.
  2. Do not open, edit or delete files that belong to other students.
  3. Do not change the settings on our computers.
  4. Do not give any personal information to anyone on the Internet.
  5. Respect the ideas of others; do not call out; one person speaks at a time.
  6. Sit on your chair with your feet on the floor. For your own safety, keep all four legs of the chair solidly on the floor. Do not rock back on your chair.
  7. Do not print anything before asking.
  8. Make sure that your hair style or hair clips, bows and beads do not make it uncomfortable for you to wear your headset. Sound is an important part of our program and you need to hear it.
Celebrate Good Behavior and Hard Work:
  1. Students who complete their work and do not cause others to waste time in the lab will receive special seasonal stickers.
  2. Students who achieve at least 70 % in CompassLearning lessons will receive stickers.
  3. Students who do a good job when writing their online activities will see their work published on the Web!
  4. Students who do not follow our class standards will lose part or all of their recess time.


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Patti Weeg
March 27, 2004