Acceptable Use Policy - Delmar Elementary School

Delmar students have access to Internet e-mail and the WWW with teacher supervision. This enables us to gather valuable online information and share global projects with students and teachers around the world. Students use the Delmar school e-mail account that is monitored by a faculty member. The benefits to our students far exceed any potential disadvantages. This privilege brings responsibilities for all. Before joining our online activities students must first have parental permission and agree to follow the policy below.

Student pledge: I realize that using the Internet is a privilege and I must follow all rules outlined below. As a Delmar computer user I promise…

  1. I will use the Internet only for educational purposes that support my school work.
  2. I will not bring food or drinks into the computer lab.
  3. My hands will always have clean hands when using computers.
  4. I will not use inappropriate language or offend anyone in e-mail messages or Web postings.
  5. I will not give out any personal information in e-mail such as my address or phone number.
  6. I will not visit any inappropriate sites on the WWW. If I happen to see anything that makes me feel uncomfortable on the WWW I will tell my teacher immediately and will leave the website.
  7. I will not copy someone else's text or picture from the WWW and call it my own.
  8. I will not open, edit or delete files that are not my own.
  9. I will not change the settings or configuration on our school computers.
  10. I will not download software, music or images.
  11. I will not purposely do anything to harm our computers, printers or the network.
  12. I will respect the rights of others to work in a quiet environment.
Students who break their promises and do not follow our rules will lose the privilege of using computers at school. The homeroom teacher and computer teacher will decide if and when the student may regain the privilege.

We also ask for parent permission to have your child interviewed, filmed, photographed by the media and to include his/her picture on our Delmar Elementary ( and the Global Classroom ( webpages in the event that these opportunities arise. Please sign and return the bottom portion to school as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Mrs. Patti Weeg
Title 1 Computer Teacher
Mr. Nevette Muir

I have read and promise to follow the Delmar Acceptable Use Policy and Pledge:

Student's signature_____________________________________________________________________

For Parents:
May your child's picture be included on our website? Yes ________ No ________

May your child's school work and drawings be included on our website? Yes _______ No ____________

May your child be interviewed, filmed or photographed by local media such as a TV stations and newspapers and by our Salisbury University Interns for their portfolios? Yes __________ No __________

Parent's signature: _______________________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________ Homeroom Teacher______________________________ Grade _______

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Patti Weeg
March 21, 2004