A Tale of Twinned Schools

Delmar and The Cedars Primary

Some of our closest friends live in the United Kingdom in a very special school called The Cedars Primary School. Our two schools are twinned and we have recently been recognized for our joint projects. Our favorite UK teacher, Mike Burleigh, took us on a virtual Tour of the River Thames in 1993. That lesson also won an award. We met Mike in person last summer which made all the preparations for that lesson worthwhile.

In September Head Teacher, Mr. Andy Costello sent a warm greeting to Delmar extending an invitation for more exchanges among the classes.

Delmar students and their friends at The Cedars School have enjoyed exchanges during this 1995-1996 school year. On March, 1995 Mrs. Weeg spoke at the "Computers in Libraries International Conference" in London with Mike Burleigh and visited the students at The Cedars Primary School.

Students in these classes at Delmar are twinned with our favorite school in the UK. Their Cedars School partner class is listed after the grade.

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