Global Lesson

Delmar Tours Richmond-on-Thames using Internet Relay Chat

May 24 and 26, 1993


Delmar, Maryland USA:   Rachel, Leslie, Brandon, Burton, James, Charles,
                        Stacey, Haley, Christen
                        Mrs. Weeg

London, England:        Mr. Mike Burleigh
Observer/Appraiser      Dr. Manorama Talaiver
                        Virginia, USA
(PattiW) hello
(Mano) hello patti
(PattiW) Hi, Dr. Mano, we are here!

(Mano) It is nice to see you all here again
(PattiW) I have 9 students with me in my tiny lab

*** mikeb ( has joined channel #KidLink

(PattiW) hi Mr. Burleigh!
(mikeb) Hello Mrs Weeg
(Mano) patti, I am not going to talk and i will let you all speak to
(mikeb) I hope that I have not kept you waiting long kids
(PattiW) We're ready...not waiting long!
(PattiW) we just git here too

(PattiW) got oops!
(mikeb) Kids...I have spent the afternoon driving around the
course we are going to take together
(PattiW) we are ready
(PattiW) let's go!
(mikeb) I am here in my home because it is now 7.00 oclock in
the evening here
+in the UK
(mikeb) School is over
(mikeb) the kids have all gone home
(PattiW) oohhh...and ahhhsss

(PattiW) We are still in school
(PattiW) not much time left
(mikeb) it is early evening and it is still quite light so we
will be able to
+see all the things we talk about
(mikeb) can you find my home on the map...

(PattiW) great!
(PattiW) yes!!!!  We have it marked
(mikeb) look in the bottom left corner
(PattiW) we're looking...
(PattiW) got it

(mikeb) OK I will jumpp in my car and we will drive down hurst
road ...heading
(PattiW) we've got our markers nad are ready to mark our maps

(mikeb) have you all gotour compasses?
(PattiW) yes, we have our compasses
(mikeb) Ok its only a few minutes down the road and there isn't
much traffic
(PattiW) we are looking

(mikeb) so we are now at Hampton Court Bridge
(PattiW) we don't have much traffic in Delmar either.
(PattiW) we see the bridge
(mikeb) and as we cross over the bridge you can see on your
right the grand
+palace built by...
(mikeb) any one know that ?
(mikeb) who found that one out?
(PattiW) Haley says Henry the VIII

(mikeb) I will give you a clue...the is a public house along
the road called
+the Cardinal Wolsey
(mikeb) Well Haley you are sort of right because Henry did add
lots to it...
(PattiW) who built it Sir?

(mikeb) what can you tell us about Henry the 8th Haley?
(mikeb) Cardinla Wolsey built the palace....
(PattiW) He had two of his wives executed... and he took church
(PattiW) Of course, Wolsey built it but he lost it, didn't he?
(mikeb) but he invited Henry to stay with him one weekend and
Henry liked it
+so much that he took it off him!

(mikeb) What do you think about that kids?
(PattiW) Brandon says that's not fair!
(mikeb) I can't stay parked here much longer because I'm
stopping the
+traffic...but can anyone tell me anything more about Henry 8th?
(PattiW) he had a son
(mikeb) I agree wasn't fair at all

(PattiW) he also eliminated those who disagreed with him...
(mikeb) Nope that was the problem..He DIDN't have a
(PattiW) you are right says our expert Haley...she disagreed
with Brandon
(PattiW) Are we still stopping traffic?
(mikeb) and he wantd one to be king after he kept
blaming his wives
+for not giving him a son and he kept changing them and getting
new wives...anyone know how many wives king henry 8th had?
(PattiW) they say 6
(mikeb) He did have a daughter..her name was Elizabeth...she
eventually became queen Elizabeth
(PattiW) wait, Mr. Burleigh....a question...
(mikeb) what do you think of that!
(mikeb) We will drive on while we talk
(PattiW) Haley wants to ask about Edward VI
(mikeb) on your left you can see the river as we head west along Hampton
court road
(mikeb) OK Haley
(mikeb) we are nearly at the school can you see it
(mikeb) on the map?
(PattiW) well we can't really see the school but we can see the road

(mikeb) We will get into the mini bus and drive back down the road we have
+just's more comfortable in this big bus
(mikeb) OK we are on the corner of Oldfield road.
(PattiW) great ...we like buses
(mikeb) The boys have made a video of the trip we are now about to do.
(PattiW) we can't wait to see their video
(mikeb) when we get back down to the roundabout at Hampton
court palace..turn left
(mikeb) and go on until you see the word 'gate'
(mikeb) who found it first
(PattiW) we're looking...hang on...
(mikeb) I will have to drive into the park because there is a
policeman looking and we can't stop here

(PattiW) uh oh..... keep going
(PattiW) we found the gate

(PattiW) Christen wants to know if you are looking at your video
(mikeb) I will stop beside the Diana Fountain where we stopped this afternoon
(PattiW) giggle
(mikeb) No I am getting the video put onto a vhs tape this evening
(PattiW) super!  send it to us!  now...they say 
(mikeb) There is a story about this fountain but you will find
out about that when you see the video...actually it's a sad story.
(PattiW) I wish you could see my lab!

(PattiW) ohhh...
(PattiW) gee...
(mikeb) Hey kids...some miracles take a litle while
(mikeb) tell me about the lab
(PattiW) but this is a miracle, isn't it?  you are in London and we are here
(mikeb) Look over there under the trees you can see lots of deer.
(PattiW) we see them!!!
(mikeb) this is where King Henry used to hunt deer for his
(PattiW) awww....
(PattiW) we have deer here too
(mikeb) The deer don't run away unless you go quite close and
at some times of the year this can be quite dangerous
(mikeb) OK folks we drive slowly through the park in case the
deer decide to run in front of us
(PattiW) they all want to read the screen out loud
(mikeb) then we turn left up park road
(PattiW) that would be terrible
(mikeb) and right then left up Wldegrave everyone with us?
(mikeb) I will not make so many errors if I know they are reading the screen
(mikeb) sorry kids about my fast typing errors
(PattiW) they are all in my lap!
(mikeb) ok
(PattiW) no problem
(PattiW) we are with you
(PattiW) all the way says Charles!

(mikeb) now turn left onto cross deep which runs beside the river Thames
(mikeb) you are now in Twickenham
(PattiW) we are there....this is fun!
(mikeb) Good lad Charles I am impressed
(mikeb) some of my kids this afternoon had given up by this point!!!
(PattiW) oh dear....we are enjoying this trip!
(mikeb) turn right onto King street
(mikeb) then immediately left onto London road
(mikeb) this becomes Whitton road because it heads towards Whitton
(PattiW) rugby?
(PattiW) Charles says we love this assignment
(mikeb) right ahead of you is the famous Twickenham Rugby football ground
(PattiW) super!
(mikeb) anyone know anything about Rugby football
(PattiW) How's the traffic here?
(mikeb) We have shots of it on the video ..
(mikeb) the stands are huge..
(PattiW) Stacey says there are two versions of rugby
(mikeb) we took the kids to see a match last year

(PattiW) Rugby Union and Rugby League
(mikeb) Come on Stacey
(PattiW) was it fun?
(mikeb) I am impressed Stacey...stand up and take a bow

(PattiW) 15 players on a team
(PattiW) hehehehehehe
(mikeb) Yeah the game was great
(PattiW) she is standing
(mikeb) bit rough but good stuff

(PattiW) we better move on...our school bell rings at 2:55
(mikeb) They now have a special rugby football game for girls Stacey
(PattiW) rough like our football?
(PattiW) Stacy smiles
(mikeb) No rougher!!
(PattiW) Christen says this is like writing a newspaper report. :)

(mikeb) because they don't wear pads and stuff like your footballers do.
(PattiW) oh dear....
(PattiW) onward...
(mikeb) but there is something very special about this game
(PattiW) what's that?
(mikeb) although it is rough it is played with good spirits and there is very
+little foul play
(PattiW) that's good
(PattiW) it's hot in here, Mr. Burleigh
(mikeb) and the crowds behave themselves much much better than
english football crowds

(mikeb) I bet it Barbara here?
(PattiW) We're seeking her now
(PattiW) Christen went to get her
(mikeb) Will you kids ask your supervisor to give Mrs Weeg a bigger room for
lessons please?
(mikeb) Ok kids have to move on
(PattiW) ok...giggle
(PattiW) we're squooshed they say!
(PattiW) there is a meeting at the conference table outside my lab
(mikeb) turn right down the Chertsey road into London then first left onto
+Twickenham Road
(PattiW) we're with you...
(mikeb) OK you lot...what direction are we headed in?

(PattiW) Stacey says we're working real good!
(mikeb) use your compasses to find out
(PattiW) hold on ...getting compasses
(mikeb) Yeah this is fun Stacey...I like teaching you kids
(PattiW) Stacey says NE but some say north

(mikeb) Look on the map bottom right to find the compass sign
(PattiW) North
(mikeb) you will see that this road is parallel to the north south of the
+compass sign
(mikeb) OK its north..
(mikeb) hang onto your compasses...
(PattiW) James and Charles say East
(PattiW) but most agree that we are going north
(mikeb) follow twickenham road until you get to the high street...
(PattiW) we better hurry...

(PattiW) ok...

(mikeb) (we are going east right now James and Charles)

(PattiW) Christen says pick up speed
(PattiW) I think that' what theyb meant...
(PattiW) looking beyond...
(mikeb) We have to slow down Christen because I almost forgot to turn into the
+gates of Syon house
(mikeb) can you find it on your map
(PattiW) ohhh..yes!!
(PattiW) We see Syon PArk.

(mikeb) We videoed the lion on the roof this afternoon....more of that when
+you see the video
(mikeb) OK who found out about 'Capability Brown' ?
(PattiW) Lion on the roof?

(PattiW) He was a landscaper
(mikeb) tell me what you discovered
(mikeb) 'whats a landscaper Miss?
(PattiW) Brandon says he makes the land look better, with shrubs and flowers
(PattiW) Christen syas do they grow poppies there?
(PattiW) This is neat says CHARLES.  They want to do this again next year!
(PattiW) 5 more minutes, Mr. Burleigh...
(mikeb) 200 years ago when rich men were building their houses they used to
+ask Mr Brown if he could make all the fields around into a
garden for them and
he use to say "well it has it's capabilities'!
(mikeb) Hey we have loads of places to o yet
(PattiW) we know why he is called Capability Brown!
Neat name!

(PattiW) aww....but our bell will ring and buses will load and leave us at 3!
(mikeb) Right have I really only 5 minutes ?
(PattiW) yup, 5 minutes!
(mikeb) I used to have the same problems with timing on my teaching practice a
+hundred years ago..I will never learn
(PattiW) Hogarth's house...but we are having so much fun!
(mikeb) OK kids..I'm going to turn this mini-bus into a jet..are you ready?
(PattiW) want to stay...
(PattiW) whooo!!   Fasten seat belts!
(mikeb) Fasten your seat belts off we go wooshs weee zap
(mikeb) weeee zap wooooosh
(mikeb) bang crash here we are

(PattiW) where are we?
(mikeb) at the steam museum  can you find it?
(PattiW) yes, we found it
(PattiW) they want to know if we can finish on Wednesday?
(PattiW) can..oops
(mikeb) Ok, kids the huge engines here were used to pump the water for London
(PattiW) lots of water?
(mikeb) Ask Mrs Weeg and she might help you with an experiment to show you how
+powerful steam is
(PattiW) Mrs. Weeg says you are punished
(mikeb) Ha hah have fun
(PattiW) steam experiment, eh?
I enjoyed it too.  Brought me back fond memories and made me cry,
(mikeb) mind the ceiling
(PattiW) Hi there!
(PattiW) we'll have to do it outside!
 Hello, mark, Virginia too. I am watching and learning
 I will just watch your class for a minute... please don't mind me.
(mikeb) Now we are at Hogarth's house beside the word CHISWICK
(PattiW) Mr. Burleigh, can we continue this Wednesday

(PattiW) They are loving this!
(mikeb) OK I don't have anything in my diary for Wednesday
I just want to see them and I can send it back.
(PattiW) We'll check with their teachers...
(PattiW) We have to pack up and leave....tears... I can stay,
Thaat is good.
(mikeb) but the kids must find out something about steam engines and something
+about the artist Hogarth

(PattiW) ok, we'll do that
(PattiW) Charles say we are going to miss you..
(mikeb) Perhaps they could make the model of the palm house at Kew gardens
(mikeb) Charles we will meet again on Wednesday will we not?
(PattiW) I have it here Mike
(PattiW) The kids have left *very* reluctantly!

May 26, 1993
Part II of 'maps' lesson

(PattiW) hello, Mr.  Burleigh
(mikeb) hello Mrs Weeg and students
(PattiW) hello, Mr. Burleigh we have just sent for Mrs. Purnell!
(mikeb) is Mrs Purnell the lady I know as barbara?
(PattiW) yes, that's the one!  She's on her way...Our principal
(PattiW) we are ready for our trip
(mikeb) Well I had better be on my best behaviour
(mikeb) Where were we kids on our maps ? can you remember?
(mikeb) who is going to remind me?
(PattiW) We were on our way to Hogarth's House but didn't get to talk much
about the steam engine...
(mikeb) Shall we stay with the steam engines?
(PattiW) we are taping and forgetting to type!  sorry!  Still getting
(mikeb) Well if you enter the building you can see the world's largest
working beam engine
(PattiW) what is a beam engine?
(mikeb) anyone know what a beam engine is ?...can you describe one?
(PattiW) Brandon is looking for 'beam' but can't find it...
(mikeb) give you a clue it behaves like a Texas 'nodding donkey'
(mikeb) Oh Brandon sorry you should look on your map for Kew Bridge

(mikeb) right at the top edge of the map.
(PattiW) Brandon thinks he knows...  he already has looked on the map but...
(mikeb) thats where we are
(PattiW) looking in an encyclopedia for 'beam' engine
(PattiW) energy of steam is used to do mechanical work
(mikeb) Imagine an iron structure a bit like a pair of scales but as high as
a+house...and all the time it is rocking up and down
(PattiW) the steam expands
(mikeb) thats a beam engine
(mikeb) Water is heated until it turns to steam and when this happens
the steam really
(PattiW) Mrs. Purnell just walked in!
(mikeb) EXPANDS (gets bigger..lots of times...about 11,000 actually)
(mikeb) and when it expands the force drives a piston which makes the
engine go.
(mikeb) you could ask your science teacher to show you how powerful
the expansion force of steam is...

(PattiW) Charles wants to know if it is night yet where you are...
(mikeb) Hello Mrs Purnell from the Kew Bridge Steam Museum in Richmond
on Thames

*** PattiW is now known as Barbara

(Barbara) hello, Mr.  Burleigh
(mikeb) Charles...I have just had my tea..but it is only
early evening...7:15pm and it ia quite light
(mikeb) Hello Barbara
(Barbara) I am enjoying this and wish that I had more time to spend
communicating with you.
(Barbara) I am in the midst of a school improvement meeting...signing checks,
and observing substitutes
(Barbara) Who said you can't do seven things at once!
(mikeb) There are a number of follow up lessons which could arise from
a lesson such as this but the question to be considered is that the teachers
concerned should be consulted beforehand
(Barbara) yes, we would like to continue this next year and involve science
and social studies teachers
(mikeb) Patti and I would like to work some more on developing the
potential of the medium but we have come
to a point where we need to start working with otherws in the teaching team
(mikeb) We are going to start planning an international curriculum in the
next few weeks so now is the time for teachers to say what content they wish
to be considered
(Barbara) I have to leave, Mike, I have another meeting scheduled...see
you...thank you
(mikeb) Ok Bye

*** Barbara is now known as PattiW

(PattiW) we are ready to travel again...
(mikeb) Right kids
(mikeb) lets go on down the Chiswick  High road to Hogarth's house
(mikeb) can you find it?
(mikeb) top right corner of the map
(PattiW) yes, we have Hogarth's House in sight
(mikeb) OK now who found out anything at all about this person?
(PattiW) Rachel has some information...
(mikeb) Good speak up Rachel I can't hear you
(PattiW) He was a satirical painter of the 1700's
(mikeb) What a big you know what it means?
> he used humor in his paintings and made comments about people and
they didn't always like that.
(mikeb) Hogarth made lots of pictures to sell in the street
(mikeb) Thats god Rachel
(mikeb) (good)
(PattiW) It was called The Analysis of Beauty
(mikeb) Yeah but he is better known for the little pictures which
people could buy in the streets of London
(mikeb) Well we were just talking about life in london of the 1700s can you
tell us about Hogarth?
(PattiW) What else can you tell us about Hogarth?
(PattiW) We see a picture of one of his paintings in our reference book
(mikeb) most of his pictures told stories and some of the pictures were
meant ,to be sold as sets
(mikeb) these engravings told stories
(PattiW) was he liked by the London people?
(mikeb) most of the stories were warnings about what happened to people
when they didn't live a good life
(PattiW) ohh...dear...did they like the warnings?
(mikeb) Yes he was quite popular because he bothered to make pictures
for ordinary people as well as the well off people
(PattiW) Brandon has a question...
(mikeb) OK Brandon...sock it to me

(PattiW) If he used satire and some of the people didn't like it did they do
anything to him?
(PattiW) Charles has a question...How did Hogarth die?
(mikeb) No people collected his prints for their houses because they liked
the stories they told such as what happens when somebody spends all their
money on drink
(mikeb) Oh ...this teacher doesn't know how Hogarth died..sorry
(PattiW) Thanks, Mr. Burleigh, from Brandon...
(PattiW) Charles says that's ok... 
(mikeb) He seems to have done quite well selling pictures
because his house is quite big and so he must have made a lot of money from
his art
(PattiW) Mr. B., Haley really wants to know about Edward the VI. Wasn't he
Henry's son?
(PattiW) Stacey wants to move on...
(mikeb) Rich people in those days usually lived longer than poor people
so I guess he 'died in his bed when he was old' ;-)
(mikeb) How are we for time?
(PattiW) 2:55 is our limit again...
(mikeb) We should move on to Kew gardens and do a lesson about kings and
queens later Yes Haley?
(PattiW) Are we off to Kew Gardens?
(PattiW) Haley says ok,
(mikeb) Ok Kew gardens
(mikeb) can you find it on the map?
(PattiW) Rachel askes if there are still Kings and Queens in England
(mikeb) have you the little model of the Palm house and the drawing of
the chinese pagoda?
(PattiW) Yes, we have both! 
mikeb> Yes Rachel we still have a queen but the newspapers are not very
kind to our royal family
(PattiW) Please thank Sam for the picture of the pagoda.
(PattiW) Yes, the press doesn't always say nice they?
(PattiW) Christen put together the model of the Palm House
(mikeb) 200 years and more ago people used to bring back plants from all
over the world when they travelled overseas
(mikeb) these people collected their plants in huge gardens
(PattiW) There must be many different varieties....
(mikeb) Kew gardens began in this way
(PattiW) Thats's neat.  How big is it now?
(mikeb) some of the trees there are very old and the plants come from all
over the world
(PattiW) Did you  include it in your video for us?
(mikeb) scientists work there and study plants
(PattiW) Rachel wants to know if we will get to see your video before school
gets out on June 10th
(mikeb) We took a photo of the gardens looking north from the lion gate...can
anyone find that on the map?
(mikeb) who is going to be first?
(PattiW) I will have to get the children together to see the video
(PattiW) we're looking
(mikeb) give you a clue its not far from the Pagoda

(PattiW) Stacey found it!
(mikeb) Good Stacey..thats sharp
(PattiW) It's right by Kew Road
(PattiW) Big smile from Stacey
(PattiW) Stacey wants to know how many schools are there in Richmond...
(mikeb) The sad story about Kew is that there was a huge gale in 1987 and
many ancient trees were blown down
(mikeb) Hang on Stacey
(PattiW) Stacey wants to know what a gale is.
(mikeb) There are 8 secondary schools
(PattiW) her classmates are helping her with this
(PattiW) Wow!
(PattiW) Take us to the Poppy place before our time is up, ok?  James has the
camera and is having fun with us!!!  Leslie is giggling
(mikeb) and 39 primary schools in the London borough of Richmond-on-Thames
(PattiW) 39!  my goodness!
(PattiW) on to Petersham?
(PattiW) We might have to board your jet again.
(mikeb) Ok  James good shooting we are looking forward to seeing what you are
(mikeb) doing with that camera'!
(PattiW) hehehehehe ....will be funny!!

(PattiW) Christen wants to get back on your jet...
(PattiW) we are at the hotel...2 more minutes!
(PattiW) The field in France where many soldiers died had poppies
(PattiW) during World War I
(mikeb) who found out anything about the 11th hour of the eleventh day of
the 11th month?
(PattiW) November 11, 1918 was the end of World War I, says Christen
(mikeb) Christen
(mikeb) stand up Christen
(mikeb) Take a bow Christen
(mikeb) Well done!

(PattiW) she's standing!! 
(PattiW) The children have to leave again...
(mikeb) this is the date that those who died in the two terrible world
wars are remembered
(PattiW) Thank you, Mr.Burleigh, we have had a great time!
(mikeb) The first 'Great' war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of
the 11th month of 1918
(mikeb) just down the road from the hospital where the soldiers and
sailors and airmen live is the poppy factory where they make the poppies to
sell on poppy day
(PattiW) Charles says 'thanks' Mr.  Burleigh
(mikeb) You are welcome Charles and Brandon and Christen and who have I
not mentioned?
(PattiW) Leslie, Burton was absent today...James had the
camera...that's it! Stacey, Haley
(mikeb) bye kids from your UK teacher
(mikeb) Thanks James for your efforts
(PattiW) Bye....Charles is hanging back but the others have gone to get
their bus
(mikeb) Charles have you enjoyed the lesson?
(PattiW) Mike, the kids have gone...Charles had a great time...They want to
continue this next year.

                         The beginning!
                      Certainly not THE END

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