Letters to Ash Class

from Miss Campbell's class

Dear James Read,

My name is Brad. Do you like baseball? I like baseball, soccer, and football. How old are you? I am nine years old. Do you like any girls? I like a girl named Elizabeth Theil! Do you have a computer at your house? I will soon be getting one. If you do we can write back and forth to each other. Is your school a fun school and is your principal nice? My favorite subject is reading. I like listening to the teacher read aloud.


Dear Chase Harrington,

how are you doing? I am fine. My name is Ashley. What is your Teachcer's name? Do you have a lot of friends? What is your favorite subject ? My favorite subject is science. Why, because you get to do projects and you get to bring in some things like you can mix things. Do you have a brother or a sister. What school do you go to?

your friend

Dear Chase Harrington and Robert Allan,

My name is Maria Christine. But all my friends call me my middle name. What grade are you in? I'm in 4th grade. what kind of stuff do you learn in your grade? Do you do any sports like soccer? I play soccer. It is so fun. We where sponsored by our bank. Do you do any fun stuff at school?

Your friend,

For June's daughters:
[June, Ashley wanted to stay in for playtime today and write to Lisa and Clare. She misses her time in my lab this year. I have put one of the donated computers in her language arts teacher's room and she asked her (Lois - Saida's Delmar twin) if she could type to Lisa and Clare. Please give the girls a hug for us.

Dear Lisa and Clare,

I talk about you on the film. I talked to them a lot. It was neat and the coolest part about it is they came from California. There was a man and a lady. Do you now it is almost Halloween? Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween? Do you get a lot of candy for Halloween? I get a lot of candy at Halloween I like Halloween I think it is neat when people try to share. How is your homeroom teacher? My teacher is Mrs. Sowell. She is nice. What is your favorite subject? Mine is science and English. I love those two. They are really nice teachers. They are a lot of fun.

Your friend,

Patricia A. Weeg
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