Connecting From the Ice

Mr. David Hess

David Hess, who works for Allied Signal Technical Service Corp at Wallops, Virginia, wrote to me in November about his trip to Antarctica...

Dear Patti,

Richard Mitchell gave me your name, and said you may be interested in my trip. I am going to Antarctica in January for about 10 months. I have an eleven year old son in Snow Hill Middle school, and one of his teachers is interested in keeping an e-mail conversation going for the classroom. This would be a good way for the students to learn about life on the ice. The co-worker that is going with me is also interested in answering questions from school children.

Would you be interested in setting up a dialog between the classroom and the ice?

David Hess NK3T
Snow Hill, MD USA

When Dave returned home for a two week visit during the holidays he came back to Delmar to see the students and brought many photos from Antarctica with him. Several of these links have now been updated with new photos.

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