Making graphs with global partners

Delmar students and their friend in Japan and Botswana share data and make graphs about spending money, transportation to school and favorite fruit.

Analyzing data

Delmar first graders joined Kidlink and answered the 4 Kidlink questions. Third grade students at Delmar examined their career choices and made graphs to display it.

Nonstandard measurement: with friends in South Africa

Delmar students and friends in South Africa discovered that they play with the same toy that is called by different names in the USA and South Africa. In an effort to explain and demonstrate the size of these toys, the students used them to measure familiar objects such as pencils and computer keyboards in an exercise in nonstandard measurement.

Math puzzles with global partners

Global partners exchange math story problems and challenge each other to solve them. Some of the math puzzles contain no numbers and send students on a search for information as these first graders at Delmar experienced. Their friends from South Africa sent them on a search all over the library and the Internet!

Many ways to make 25

Second grade students who were studying money in math class discovered many ways to make 25 cents. They sent e-mail to their online friends and asked them about their money. Responses arrived from friends in Greece, Iceland, Lebanon, Japan, Egypt and Italy.


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Math presentation prepared by Joyce Perdue and Patti Weeg
for the National Title 1 Conference - Tampa, Florida: January 24-26, 2002
| Authors in Residence | Elementary Math Students in the CyberZone |
January 2002