Mrs. Campbell's first grade class saw this puzzle from Melissa in South Africa and took up the challenge!

This is my maths riddle:

Times the number of colours in the South African flag by the number of players in a cricket team. Add the number of bastions around the castle in Cape Town and you will find the number that I am thinking of.

By: Melissa Meyer Gr 6 Greenfield Girls' Primary

Dear Melissa,

We are a 1st grade class in the USA. We are age 6, 7, and 8. We liked your puzzle. We had a hard time finding out the answer because we didn't know the colors of your flag or what cricket is, or what the castle looks like. So, we went on the web and found a picture of your flag. Then we counted the colors. Then we went to the library and used the encyclopedia to find out what cricket was-it's a lot like baseball. Then Our friend, Mrs. Weeg helped us use the web to find the castle and count the bastions. So the math problem is 6x11+5=71. We didn't know how to multiply so we just added 11, 6 times, we got 66 then we added 5 and we got 71!!!!! WOW! That was HARD!! Can you send us an easier puzzle please???

Mrs. Campbell's First Grade Class

Here are problems for you!!!

  1. 2 dimes plus the number of legs on a chair minus your eyes.
  2. Take the number of letters in Stephanie's name minus the number of letters in Darrell's name plus the letters in Christopher's name.
  3. Take the number of stars on the American flag, and take away the number of letters in Raven's name, plus the number of letters in flag.
  4. Add the number of wheels on a tricycle plus the number of days in a week minus three people's feet!!!!!!
  5. Take the number of eyes on your teacher plus the number of legs on a spider minus the value of a penny. GOOD LUCK!
  6. Take the number of days in March minus the number of leaves on a shamrock and then add the number of letters in "Irish". What do you get????? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This one is for Mrs Campbell's class from Penny Moore Grade 6

Take the numbers from the face of the clock and add them to the number of degrees in a circle. Take the number of letters in the name of the book we use in class to look up the meaning of words and spelling.Add all the numbers together.

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!!!Penny, Penny, Penny!!

You have done it again! You have given us a very challenging puzzle and now we have to go on a wild learning chase to find the answers!!!!! Well, of course we will try!!! There are 12 numbers on a clock and we will add them to the degrees in a circle-Let's see, we will find out the degrees in a circle by asking a 5th grade math student. We will take a walk upstairs to the 5th grade classroom to talk to a 5th grader. We will be right back. We're back!! We visited Mrs. Smith's class and asked her students to use their math books to find out how many degrees are in a circle. And they did!!!! There are 360 degrees in a circle!!!!So 10 plus 12 plus 360 = 382! Are we right, Penny????

Mrs. C. Campbell's Class

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