eBooks: Make 'em & Beam 'em

student with Palm student with Palm

Why do you want to make eBooks? - the reasons

You will need:
  1. Palm
  2. computer
  3. Palm Desktop software
  4. eReader - free and available for Palms and desktop computers.
  5. eReader Guide
  6. eBook Studio See a free demo here.
  7. Complete eBook Studio User Guide (Windows) - great to have
  8. graphics software:
  9. PhotoPlu6 is a free software that has the option to export graphics as .png
The process:
  1. Writing the story
  2. Creating an illustration for your eBook
  3. Sample images in .png format
  4. Inserting an image in your eBook
  5. Creating an eBook's layout - page breaks
  6. Adding hyperlinks
  7. Saving and the "Make Book" option
  8. Syncing the eBook to your Palm
  9. Taking notes
  10. Reading your eBook in eReader or Palm Reader on a computer
  11. Sharing eBooks - beaming
  12. Where to find eBooks

Palm Camp 2005 Let's begin! - with a story.

Palms: a HANDy Way to Learn - using Palms at Delmar Elementary

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated July 9, 2005