Palms: a HANDy Way to Learn!

Delmar students are using Palm handhelds in many ways at Delmar Elementary. Mrs. Weeg's computer lab students and Gen Y students made their own eBooks. They began their eBook stories in Kidspiration and then brought their text into eBook Studio. They illustrated their stories using Windows Paint. Our students are also using Palms for math and other language arts activities.

Delmar students are using iKWL as they read about new topics. Delmar students are using Cells as they explore probability.

Clink on the links to see the eBooks in html format.

  1. eBooks by Mrs. Owens' grade 3 students.
  2. eBooks by Mrs. Marine's grade 4 students
  3. eBooks by Mrs. Smith's grade 3 students
  4. eBooks by Mrs. Rockwell's grade 3 students
  5. eBooks by Mrs. Yurek's grade 3 students
  6. eBooks by Gen Y students [part 1]
  7. eBooks by Gen Y students [part 2]

See more ways we are using Palm handhelds.

Using Palms outside to take notes - Mrs. Joyce Taylor's class

Using Palms in Media Class - Mrs. Dawn Cuffee

Students in Mrs. Barnes' and Mrs. Kaiser's third grade use Palms to write to their online friends in Peru.

Mrs. Andrews' second grade students wrote their animal research reports on Palms.

Mrs. Lewis' third grade students write to their online friends in South Africa on Palms.

Fifth grade students at Glen Avenue used Palms to type letters to friends in South Africa.

Fourth grade students at Glen Avenue typed the main idea and supporting details on Palms.

Delmar now has a printer with an IR port so that we can print our Palm files. In this picture is a second grade student, Lauren, who has no problems at all printing from her Palm.

Delmar students began using Palm handhelds in the 2003-2004 school year.

Teachers and students at Delmar love to use technology. See more pictures on these pages.

Palm Resources - files made by teachers for use with Palm handhelds.


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 2, 2005