Using Technology at Delmar

February 2005

Delmar students began using Palm handhelds in the 2003-2004 school year.

Using Palms - 2004-2005 school year.

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Grade 2

Mrs. Andrews' second grade students enjoy using Palm handhelds to type letters in FreeWrite to their online friends in Mexico. They also enjoy strengthening math skills using a math program for handhelds called MonkeyByte Math.

Grade 2

Mrs. Lori Campbell's second grade students visited the computer lab in a a culminating lesson for the end of their graphing unit. Each student was given a baggy full of "pets." They were asked to record the data of how many pets they received in their bag on a tally chart which they were told would later be used in the computer lab to make a pictograph and a bar graph to represent their data in other ways. They used Graph Club software for their activity.

Grade 2

Mrs. Wendy Elzey's second grade students used Palm handhelds and FreeWrite to type friendly letters to their classmates as part of their writing activity. In math class the same day these second grade students practiced addition, subtraction and even multiplication facts using MonkeyByte Math software on their handhelds.

Grade 1

Mrs. Spicer's first grade students used Palm handhelds to practice addition and subtraction facts using MonkeyByte Math. They enjoyed using the little handheld computers and look forward to using them again.

Grade 3

Mrs. Lewis' third grade students did a Kidspiration activity on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional objects that she made for her students. They had to categorize the shapes as 2-D or 3-D and then explain in words the difference.

Grade 5

Mrs. Lori Smith's 5th grade students practice geometry standards using math interactive websites after completing YPP sessions. They use laptops in the classrooms for these activities.

Grade 1

Mrs. Claire Campbell's first grade students had a fun time using Palm handhelds to reinforce addition facts. They used MonkeyByte Math and Timer MathFacts applications on the Palms.

Grade 4

Fourth grade students in Miss Lois Campbell's class use Palms to reinforce language arts skills in QuizzlerPro quizzes on the topic of "cause and effect."

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Palm Resources - files made by teachers for use with Palm handhelds.

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 5, 2005