African American History - on Palms!

...using Palms in Media Class with Mrs. Cuffee

"Books are not the only way for researching information. Palms were in hands at Delmar Elementary 5th grade media class. Students had the opportunity to read African-American history profiles using curriculum designed for Palms and offered free to teachers by K12 Handhelds. Students observed how to locate the material on the Palms. Each student was given the opportunity to locate the materials independently. Students prepared summaries of their research. " ~Mrs. Dawn Cuffee

Below are two student summaries...


Frederick Douglas was an abolitionist and author. When he was 13, his master's wife taught him how to read. In 1838, he escaped slavery by using a free man's identity and papers. He escaped to New York, where he changed his last name to Douglas. He got married and move to New Bedford, Massachusetts. He worked as a lecturer and wrote many biographies of himself.


Harriet Tubman was also known as Moses. She spoke only Dutch. In 1849 she was afraid of being sold as a slave and ran away. She went to Philadelphia where she found work and saved her money. She helped over 300 slaves escape slavery on the Underground Railroad. She never lost one passenger on the underground railroad. She died in 1913.

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Patti Weeg
February 3, 2006