"... how we make meaningful connections for our students - how we transmit heartbeats along with the information" - Ellen Miyasato

Greetings from KIDLINK friends around the world!

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From Argentina

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 18:01:24 -0300
From: Carlos Calderon calderon@cyber1.cybertech.com.ar
Subject: Greetings from Mar del Plata

Dear Teachers,

Hello. Welcome to our city, Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m teaching Junior 5 at Holy Trinity College. This a bilingual, co-ed school and we would be interested to meet students from your school and exchange letters and projects with youdr students. This would be an excellent opportunity for my students to improve their written language and to learn about cultural features in your country.

Best regards,
Magdalena and Carlos Calderon

If you want to keep in touch, my e-mail address is magdalenasaubidet@infovia.com.ar or msaubidet@usa.net.

Carlos is calderon@cyber1.cybertech.com.ar


From Argentina

From: "Ines N. Valente" nuncia@copetel.com.ar
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 23:25:55 -0300

Dear Teachers from ECELL IN HAWAII,

My name is Ines Valente and a run a Workshop in Mar del Plata in the seaside resort city of Mar del Plata in the Republica Argentina. Through the kindness of Ms Patti Weeg I have already had the honour of working with teachers from Hawaii who were unbelievable cultered. We would be more than delighted to exchange Culture, Knowledge and all the Entourage we can find altogether in this wide world. I hope that through this path of Culture some students may satisfy their anger for culture. As one of our most representative character in Literature in our country said :" There is no better aristocracy than the one of Culture and Greatness of Heart ." She is Ms Victoria Ocampo.

Ines Valente. My e-mail address is : nuncia@copetel.com.ar


From Austria

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 23:07:53 +0200
From: Alois Vilim avilim@atnet.at
Subject: Re: greetings to ECELL - Summer - school

Liebe Patti, liebe Lehrerinnen und Lehrer der ECELL - Summer-School, Herzliche Grüße aus Wien, der Hauptstadt Österreichs. Hier gibt es viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, die wir gerne auch beim Landmark-Game präsentieren. Besuchen Sie das Hundertwasser-Haus


oder das Sigmund Freud Museum:


Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler nehmen gerne an internationalen Projekten teil, und freuen sich jedes Jahr auf das LANDMARK-Game.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen
Alois Vilim
Schul-Homepage: http://www.fichtnergasse.asn-wien.ac.at

in english:

Hello Patti, Hello to the teachers at ECELL - Summer-School,

Best wishes from Vienna, capital of Austria. We have a lot of sights, some of them we presented at LANDMARK-Game. Take a look at "Hundertwasser- Haus" - house built by the famous painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


Read about Siegmund Freud, father of Psychotheraphy


Our Students like to participate in international Projects, every year they are looking forward to do LANDMARK - Game.

Hope you will have fun with learning

school-homepage: http://www.fichtnergasse.asn-wien.ac.at


From Brazil

From: "Adriana Portella" portella@gbl.com.br
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:01:32 -0300

Hello, people from Hawaii!

I am Adriana Portella, principal of an elementary school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've been a volunteer for Kidlink since 97 and this is a wonderful experience! Patti is a nice teacher and since that time, she's been spending time helping me with her experience on managing web-based educational projects. The first one I had courage to create is DENTE MOLE, in English, it's TOOTH FAIRY! Patti encouraged me and it is a success!!! After the first one, I started to create other projects in Kidcafe-Escola, a forum in Portuguese. This is part of my life now! And to keep kids and teachers in touch is one of my goals now! We can learn a lot together by realizing that this big-big world is really small when we can reach each other!

This is the future we celebrate hand in hand by looking and working for better days!!!




From Canada

Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 16:53:13 -0300
From: Indu Varnma ivarma@nbnet.nb.ca

Hello colleagues and friends!

Welcome to this wonderful opportunity of teaching through electronic pairing and sharing. It is wonderful for the students to participate in Kidlink projects. This gives them the opportunity of not only acquiring academic learning but also learning skills necessary for survival in the Information Age. The added bonus is developing a sense of belonging by becoming a part of a global community sharing the same goals and aspirations.

Patti is a great source of inspiration, a tireless worker!

Look forward to working with you through Kidlink projects in the Fall. Good luck in your summer institute.

All the best.


From Denmark

Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 21:20:56 +0200
From: Bent Karkov Bent.Karkov@skolekom.dk

Dear Hawaii teachers,

In Denmark we have had good experiences with Kidlink. Especially projects that link classes together. So far most of the projects have beeen in our own language, but hopefully we will manage some day to have pupils in projects also with Hawaian and other friends worldwide. That would be great.

Have a nice course together with Patti

Best wishes
Bent Karkov

Kidlink coordinator, Denmark


From Iceland

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 21:21:30 GMT
From: Eyglo Bjornsdottir eyglob@ismennt.is

Dear Patty and teachers at the ECELL summer school!

How nice it would have been staying with you these days in June while planning the summer school session. I must admit that I envy you, Patty! Although there is a long distance between Westman islands, Iceland and Hawaii, I feel that this two countries have so much in common.

How wonderful oportunity it is for you Patty, to have the chance to tell our collegues in Hawaii about Kidlink and what Kidlink has to offer for all of us.

Please tell them about how nice it was this winter making project together we in Iceland, you in USA and Adriana in Brazil. What a marvellouse time we had together ;-)

Please invite them to be a part of our Kidlink-family and I sure hope to see them all on our lists very soon ;-)

Aloa... to you all!

With warm hugs from Iceland!

Eygló Björnsdóttir .... Netfang: eyglob@ismennt.is
Barnaskóla Vestmannaeyja ... Fax: 354 481-1948
Veffang: http://www.ismennt.is/vefir/eyglob/
Aðstoðarstjórnandi Kidlink-islenska


From Iran

From: "Ali Parsa" parsa@neda.net
Subject: Message for Hawaii gathering
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 01:35:27 +0430

Dear Friends,

Patti Weeg, this mega source of energy and vision, has asked me to send you a message from Tehran, Iran. In compliance, and braving with my raw English, I want to base my message on the role of geography in our lives.

Geography keeps us apart and geography can help us to come closer to each other. Geography fascinates us, we read names of far away places in maps like Kashqar, Andaman, Saskatchewan, etc. We wonder about the meaning of the names, the history behind them, the kind of landscape they offer, and the people there. We look at our favorite place on a map and start daydreaming about how to get there, what to expect, where to stay, what words or phrases of the local language to memorize. Geography thus leads us to other areas of culture and human endeavor. It helps us to start understanding, or at times admitting the existence of, other people.

I wish all of you a successful gathering, and hope to see you here in Iran someday. It's not as hard and scary that some people have imagined in recent years.

Ali Parsa
Father of Saba and Saman
Tehran, Iran


From Israel

Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 10:17:55 +0200
From: "hannah sivan" hannah@boker.org.il

Dear Friends in Hawaii,

Will you have a full moon during your summer scholl? If so - please ask Patti for few hours off the computer and I will invite you all for a magnificant walk in this landscape


THis is right here, where we live, in the negev desert - in the southern part of Israel


I am sure it looks so much diffranet in Hawaii. It is great that we can exchange postcards about our places and also thought and ideas. It makes us feel close to each other. Your projects are very intresting and I am sure the kids will love shating and you will love the results. I still wish to find a class to join you..

Good luck and lots of happiness.

Hannah Sivan


From Italy

From: "Istituto Comprensivo Cavriago" cdi9ca@re.nettuno.it
Subject: from Isa Belocchi
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 11:43:48 +0200

Hi there in Haway,

I want to greet you and congratulate with Patti and her collaborators, because they're doing a great work with KLidlink all over the world! I and my students really liked the TOE (Through Our Eyes) Collaborative writing this year, and the the activities done in the Kidlink, too of course!! We hope to repeat this experience also next year! So you're happy to be with a specialò person like Patti Weeg.

Bye Isa Belocchi
teacher of English at Istituto Comprensivo Don Dossetti Cavriago Reggio Emilia Italia



From Japan

Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 07:37:12 +0900
From: Tsutomu Iyanagi diyanagi@mail.chabashira.co.jp
Subject: Aloha to Hawaii from The Earth Club, Japan

Dear Patti

I am very happy I can send a message from my student again. I translated it from Japanese to English for her. We are looking foward the teachers message a lot from Hawaii! Last summer we were waiting messages to us from Hawaian teachers but we could not get any message. ( Smile) I hope your help this year!

Best wishes,
Tsutomu Iyanagi ( The Earth Club Assistant )


Aloha to Hawai My name is Maki Okada. I am a girl and 10 years old. I am a member of The Earth Club. The Earth Club is a club for kids in this community. We are learning how to use Internet with our club assistant Mr and Mrs. Iyanagi. I was belong to this club last school year. Here I am!


And next school year I come to this Club with my sister. Our Club activities will start from June 24. I like drawing pictures very much. Here is my picture message to Hawaii!.


I like to work together on Internet. Internet is a wonderful media to make good understandings.

I am very happy I can introduce you how to work together on Internet. Last school year we had a nice work. Here is ours. Working together were wonderful.


But I am very sorry I can not write and read English at all because I can not lean English in my school over 13 years old. All of our communication are depend on our club assistant translation. I will studay English very hard and I want to write my message by my self this school year.

How do we make our communication without languages? It is easy! We like to "Communication for pictures" because the pictures on Internet are very beautiful. We can do it using them.

We want to be your friends. Welcome your message from Hawaii. We will have 21 members in The Earth Club this year.

Next school year we will grow vegetables and flowers in the plantas or pots. Will you join in our project!

Maki is working here!


Best wishes,
From a Kidlink member
Maki Okada ( Girl 10 years old )


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