Global Contacts For ECELL 2000
Collaboration: reaching out to these contacts- the next steps
Greetings from around the world to ECELL teachers
Contact Person Country
Carlos Calderón and his daughter, Gaby
Cuento Con Los Niños by Carlos Calderón
Ines N. Valente Argentina
Greg Beyrooti
Interested in:
  1. Around the World in Three Weeks
  2. Where in the World is Your Community?
  3. Cultures in Our Community
  4. Listen to Your Culture (music, song, dance)
Betania Brazil
Tsutomu Iyanagi - His project plans: Miho1, Miho2 Japan
Rianelle van Niekerk
Jeremiah Tseki
South Africa
Carolyn Bruton South Africa
Liz Barrett South Africa
Xolile South Africa
Sinclair Tweedie South Africa
Helen Walland
Interested in Our Island Home.
United Kingdom
Carrie Samis - Education Director, Salisbury Zoo
Interested in
  1. Creating a Virtual Zoo
  2. Exploring Animal Habitats
Salisbury, Maryland USA
Kathy Hopkins
Teacher's own 2 children, ages 12 and 15 expressed an interest in interacting with ECELL.
Michigan, USA

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Patti Weeg
May 2000