You have planned; you have organized. You have rolled up your sleeves and are immersed in your ECELL projects with your students. The kids are learning and everyone is having FUN. As you plan for the coming school year you can't go back... you have ExCELLed to new dimensions.

It is time to spread your good ideas to the world!

Adding participants from around the world can heighten learning opportunities for you and your students. Join the celebration of our cultural diversity.

You can invite another class or two to join you:
[as some in ECELL are now doing]

You can find global partners and participants from many sources and implement your project by exchanging e-mail with only these partner classes.

  1. ePALS - "26,967 registered classrooms in 130 countries"
  2. Web66 International School Web Site Registry
OR - you can join a global forum for your excellent projects:

The Kidlink online community is another excellent place where you can meet global partners, launch your projects and invite global collaboration. Since the start on May 25, 1990, over 175,000 students from 136 countries have participated in Kidlink.

Why would you want to do this? Take a look at all of the beautiful faces on these pages. These are only some of the online friends from around the world who have enriched my life and the lives of my students since 1992. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new friends and to share learning adventures.

  1. What is Kidlink?
  2. How do teachers join Kidlink?
  3. How do students join Kidlink?
  4. How do you bring your project into Kidlink?

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Patti Weeg
May 2000