Multi-Cultural Recipes

During October we will celebrate International Food Day and are gathering recipes from other countries. These recipes will be used during our Multicultural Fair in April. Here are some recipes from our online friends:

  1. Recipes from our friends at Xit'olacw Community School in Mount Currie, British Columbia, Canada - bannock and Indian ice cream - "soapberries"
  2. Itzik sent his recipe for Israeli Soofganiot (Doughnuts).
  3. Lyndi sends Boboti and yellow rice from South Africa
  4. Sandi sends Pancakes from South Africa
  5. Laua F. Manjar Branco (coconut pudding) from Brazil
  6. Alex sends Brigadeiro from Brazil [includes a picture of the Brazilian students]
  7. Juliana sends Pumpkin Sweet from Brazil
  8. Laura A. Corn Cake from Brazil
  9. Flora sends Biscoitinho de Aveia (oatmeal cookie) from Brazil
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Patti Weeg
October 13, 2003