Indian Ice Cream - from Xit'olacw

The picture shows students eating Indian Ice cream (soapberries) at our cultural day.


Soapberries (HO-shome)

The soapberries and the sugar are beaten together. The berries foam up and so it is known as "Indian Ice cream"

We live in Mount Currie, BC Canada. It is a beautiful area with lakes and high mountains.

In the summer many berries grow here and we all go out and pick and eat the berries.

In the old days the elders also made these soapberries into loaves which were dried and kept to make Indian ice cream. Today we have freezers so this is no longer done.

One berry found in this area in July is the im-Haz or black huckleberry.We love making jam from this berry. I think strawberries are our favourite berry.

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Patti Weeg
October 11, 2003