Author in Residence 2005-2006

Lois Szymanski

Lois is pictured above with her young authors during her visit to Delmar in June 2005.

December 3,2005

Special thanks to Carla Hurchalla and Betty Ryall who organized the "Authors in Residence" program at Delmar Elementary. Miss Campbell's, Miss Elliott's and Mr. Forrer's fourth grade computer students are participating in the program in Mrs. Weeg's lab for the 2005-2006 school year with Lois Szymanski. We are proud and excited to be working again this year with Lois Szymanski who has authored many books for children. Our program was a big success during the first five years and meant a great deal to all involved. Mrs. Szymanski came to Delmar in June of 2000 and June of 2001, June 2003, June of 2004 and once again in June 2005 and met the students who worked with her online from November through May.

Mrs. Weeg's 2005-2006 authors!

A look inside the lab:

The Writing Process begins - November 8, 2005

Our Final Stories

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Lois came to Delmar to see us on May 22, 2006!

Lois Szymanski's image used with permission.
Lois Szymanski...Children's Author

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Patti Weeg

May 18, 2006