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Special greetings from children's author, Sarah Weeks
and from a young Russian girl, Olya

From Argentina

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:30:26 -0300
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: calderon@cyber1.cybertech.com.ar (calderon)

Dear Patti and Hawaian teachers

Hello for all. Well, Hawaii is very interesting here for the young people in Mar del PLata, because, here the young people make surf all year. In summer you see the beach with many surfers but... now, in winter, some people are swiming with Neoprene to cover their bodies of cold. Hawaii is the best dream... to this surfers!

The teachers and the students have the opportunity to use email and connect with other schools around the world. Stories, Robotic Education, greetings... In this case, our students are working in the robotic area with LEGO and MECANO in the Mac Lab. They make an intelligent toys and it is very exciting for all. We love exchange information . We have pictures and text about How the toys are built for the childrens.

Patti, have a wonderful week.
Warm hugs for all.


Hola para todos. Bueno, Hawaii es muy interesante para los adolescentes y jóvenes de Mar del Plata, porque aca esos jovenes hacen surf todo el año. En verano, se ve la playa con muchos surfistas pero ahora.... en invierno, algunos nadan con Neoprene para cubrir sus cuerpos del frio. Hawaii es el sueño... de estos surfistas!!!

Los maestros y los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad de usar e-mail y conectarse con otros colegios del mundo. Historias, robotica educativa, saludos... In este caso, nuestros estudiantes estan trabajando en el area de Robotica Educativa con Legos y Mecanos. Ellos hacen juguetes inteligentes y eso es muy excitante para todos. A nosotros nos gusta intercambiar informacion . Nosotros tenemos fotos y textos acerca de Como los juguetes son construidos por los niños.

Patti, que tengas una semana maravillosa Abrazos calidos para todos.

Carlos Gabriela
who writes to my students
Carlos Calderon
Pringles 516
7600 Mar del Plata
Tel (0223) 4 894878
Email: calderon@cyber1.cybertech.com.ar


From Austria

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 02:18:38 +0200
From: Alois VILIM avilim@atnet.at
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Gruesse aus Oesterreich

der gleiche Text mit deutschen Sonderzeichen

Liebe Patti, Liebe Lehrer und Lehrerinnen,

bei uns beginnen morgen die Sommerferien. Unsere Computerräume werden geschlossen, nur unser Web-Server wird weiterlaufen. In Wien (Hauptstadt von Österreich) ist es derzeit sehr heiß. Ich wünsche Dir Patti und Deinen Lehrerinnen und Lehrern viel Spaß und gutes Gelingen beim Lernen.

Alois Vilim

in english:

dear Patti, hello teachers,

Tomorrow our summer holydays will start. We will close our Computer-Labs, turn off the power, but only the Web-Server will do its work for two month. Last week It was very hot in Vienna, (Capital of Austria). I'll wish You Patti and Your Teachers a lot of fun and success with learning.

Alois Vilim



From Brazil

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:53:29 -0300
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Marisa Lucena mwlucena@kidlink.fplf.org.br
Subject: Greetings

Hi Friends from Hawaii,
Olá amigos do Havaí,

I hope you'll enjoy Patti's class. She is wonderful!
Eu espero que vocês aproveitem as aulas de Patti. Ela é maravilhosa!

I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and I visited Hawaii once. I loved it!
Eu moro no Brasil, Rio de Janeiro e eu já estive uma vez no Havaí. Eu adorei!

The beaches are very simillar compared with the beaches in Brazil. The sand is fine and very white too but you have bigger sea waves than here.
As praias são muito parecidas com as do Brasil. A areia é fina e muito branca também. Mas suas ondas do mar são mais altas do que as daqui.

Hugs and kisses
Abraços e beijos

Dr. Marisa Lucena mwlucena@kidlink.fplf.org.br
Coordenadora Nacional do Projeto Kidlink no Brasil
Kidlink Project Director Assistant
Kidlink Institute Research Director
Presidente da Associaçao Brasileira de Educação na Internet (ABENET)

From Brazil

From: "Adriana Portella" portella@gbl.com.br
To: "'Patti Weeg'" <pweeg@shore.intercom.net>
Subject: Greetings from Brazil
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 20:23:05 -0300

Hello, people from Hawaii!
Here in Brazil we call your place Havaí. We know that you have wonderful landscapes and an unforgettable sea...

But I am talking from Rio... and we also have fantastic sights here...

Well, I hope you'll have a great time there. Any oportunity of sharing knowledge and working together is unique. I wish I could be there and talk a little about WAILA, a program that we are developing here in Brazil. Maybe sometime...

Please, tell us about your meeting!!! I would love sharing your thoughts with brazilian taechers. We are able of helping if you need it, ok? Just ask.

Ah... Learn some words in Portuguese...

Beijocas = small kisses
Carinho = care
Amor = love


Many beijocas for each one, full of carinho and amor!


Adriana Pires Portella
Kidlink WAI-Portuguese Project Coordinator
Supervisora de Projetos Kidlink Br
Kidcafe-Escola Manager
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

From Brazil

From: "Conta do RubeM Paulo" rupa@zaz.com.br
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Hello from Brazil
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 23:20:42 -0300

Aloha for you of Hawa!! Aloha para vocs do Hawa!!

How are you?? Congratulations for the new course that you are doing!
Como vocs esto?? Parabns pelo novo curso que vocs esto fazendo!

That Patti gets to pass for you the so much of knowledge that she has!
Que a Patti consiga passar para vocs o tanto de conhecimentos que ela tem!

Hugs directly of Brazil, of the new friend Rubem Paulo
Abraos diretamente do Brasil, do novo amigo RubeM Paulo

Rubem Paulo Torri Saldanha
Moderator of the Module 02 of the Program " Who I " am?
KPerson - Cuiab / MT - Brazil
rupa@zaz.com.br ICQ 26715662
Patronato Santo Antonio
" Education is thing of the Heart "
(San Joannes Bosco)

From Brazil

From: jaaf@correionet.com.br
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:53:10 -0300
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: hello to hawaii

hello hawaii,

Patti has a big responsability: share thoughts about our kids! I hope you have a very nice time!

Marcia Cia
Campinas, Brazil
Moderator: Danni around the world


From Canada

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:46:05 -0700
From: Faye Meek fayemeek@home.com
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Who's the Best?

Hi Patti,
Congratulations to Kidlink for having been selected the #1 Information Technology Educational Website for 1999. Totally well-deserved! I have only been with Kidlink since April '99 and I think it is the best website for educational connections through the Internet.

I did a lot of searching before I joined the Kidlink Society and found that it best served my goals of using telecommunication and it also fit the required timeline for my studies and project-based activities. Because Kidlink is so highly organized with concise deadlines and has moderator's support, it was my first choice.

The students loved the opportunity to use email and connect with other schools around the world. The game of Hunt for Famous Explorers was a great challenge for them and they truly enjoyed searching using the new clues each week. We will continue to work with Kidlink and look forward to many new opportunities to be part of Kidlink's online learning community.

See you in September,
Faye Meek
Maple Ridge, British Columbia


From Denmark

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 17:02:41 +0200
From: Adrian Hohenstein ad.sa@CI.KK.DK

Herzliche Gruesse an alle Kollegen in Hawai !!
Adrian Hohenstein, manager Kidlink-deutsch

From Denmark

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:59:22 +0200
Subject: Hello to Hawai teachers
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Bent.Karkov@skolekom.dk (Bent Karkov)

Hello Patti and Hawaian teachers

Best wishes for a good week with a splendid subject on the agenda: Kidlink It does offer great opportunities for kids to communicate across borders and thus better understanding among peoples.

In Denmark we have recently made good communicative projects in Danish language. By learning to use Kidlink in their own language we hope that the kids then later will be better participants in international projects.

Hav en god uge med mange spændende oplevelser samtaler og diskussioner.

Bent Karkov

Manager of Kidleader-Dansk


From Greece

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 99 17:44:11 EET
From: "Demetre Ch. Valaris" sv1uy@nest.sv1uy.ampr.org
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Re: greetings for teachers in Hawaii?

Hello Patti and Hawaiian Teachers,

This is Demetre Valaris and Gillian Merchant-Valaris from Athens-Greece wishing you all the best.

We are both teachers of English Language and by using KIDLINK we let the children of our school communicate with many interesting places around the world.

We have always wanted to see Hawaii, so who knows, maybe one day we will be able to visit your nice island.

Best Regards

Demetre and Gillian Valaris

Hi Patti, We just came back from a short holiday up in mountain Olympus (the mountain where the ancient Greek Gods once lived, well this is what Greek Mythology says anyway!)

e-mail for Demetre Valaris: sv1uy@bbs.sv1uy.ampr.org
for Gillian Merchant-Valaris: gillian@bbs.sv1uy.ampr.org
for kids at Merchant-Valaris school: kids@merva.sv1uy.ampr.org


From Iceland

From: eyglob@ismennt.is
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:42:52 -0800

Hello Patty and all the teachers on Aces99!!

I send you my warmest greetings here from Akureyri,Iceland where me and Hilda are working on a project as a part of our IT-study at the Teachers University in Iceland.

Last weekend we, some Kidlinkers in Iceland, gathered here in Akureyri for a meeting. We had a wonderful weekend here, where we looked over what had been done last year and discussed what we want to do next schoolyear. We had a marvellouse time all together.(the way only Kidlinker can have-you know!! ;-)

To night, I will drive to my "summer-villa" here in the neighbourhood and spend the next 5 weeks here relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Icelandic summer here in the North.

Cheers to you all!!
Eyglo (not staying in Westman islands at the moment ;-)

From Iceland

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 21:26:40 +0100
From: Jona Palsdottir jonap@ismennt.is
Subject: Re: [KIDLEADER] Greetings to Hawaii!

Hallo! I am happy to be able to send you a greeding from Iceland. Nice to see how your are working! I will send you a picture from one of our glacier which is specially beautiful on sunny days!


Those of us who like to spend our holiday here like to have it in July which is only month with real summer. Now it is very warm- 23°C sunny and fine :-) But this is just for a few days, sooooo I am not having this longer!

Bless :-)

Jona Palsdottir http://rvik.ismennt.is/~jonap
Ministry of Education, Science and Culture http://www.mrn.stjr.is
Kidlink-islenska manager http://www.kidlink.org/islenska


From Israel

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 12:36:51 +0200 (IST)
From: Hannah Sivan hannah@environment.negev.k12.il
To: Patti Weeg
Subject: Re: "Greetings" (for Hawaii) page on the web

Shalom from Sde-Boker, Israel

Dear friends from Hawaii, welcome to the cyberland of endless possibilities.

We are in the Negev desert in southern Israel and love the Cyberspace because we can meet there incredible people.

This http://environment.negev.k12.il/desert/desert.htm is how our place looks like. you may even see some of our students working there.

You can also see some pictures in the "Virtual album on the Negev", at http://www.negev180.k12.il/peilut/valbum/albumain.htm The headers are in Hebrew, just try and see what is what - there are: settlements, industry, people, plants, animals, historical sites, landscapes and environmental sculpturing...

Good luck on your study and hopefully we will meet "on the air" one day


Hannah Sivan
The High School for Environmental Studies
Midreshet Ben Gurion, The Negev
E-Mail: hannah@environment.negev.k12.il ICQ:7643050
Visit our school's site at: http://environment.negev.k12.il
and the 21st Century Schoolhouse at: http://www.viser.net/gs21


From Italy

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 11:09:40 +0200 (MDT)
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Istituto Comprensivo cdi9ca@re.nettuno.it
Subject: Re: greetings to Hawaii

Hello there,

I'm Isa Bellocchi and I teach English in Cavriago , Reggio Emilia in the North of Italy. I enjoyed very much the opportunity to use Internet this year, because we had a great experience with the Kidlink and then a lot of penpals in the USA and Australia. My students could open different Web pages and learn a lot about other cultures and countries. The activities chosen were: VIRTUAL VACATION; FAMILY ROOTS; THE WHO AM I? SHOE BOXES AND SO ON; ALL OF THEM WERE TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to KIDLINK, to PATTI WEEG AND LIZ



From Japan

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:32:30 +0900
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Tsutomu Iyanagi diyanagi@mail.chabashira.co.jp
Subject: Aloha to Hawaii from the Earth Club

Dear Patti,

I was very glad to get your welcome. I will translate from English to Japanese and introduce your message to our parents and kid next activities time. I have to inform about Kidlink. It is a safety place we can put real name here.

In exchage for your kindness we put a HTML for your teaching in Hawaii. We are verry happy if any one add about her imagination dream.

Once again,
Thank you for your welcome
T. Iyanagi

Hello to Hawaii from Japan!

From Japan

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:21:25 +0900
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Isamu Shimazaki simazaki@nz.kidlink.samukawa.kanagawa.jp
Subject: To friends in Hawaii,

I know well you in Hawaii are so active using inernet for education. Last year I also watched your activities from Japan. And fortunately I met one of teachers in Hawaii seminor who came to Japan in August.

What will happen this year, I'm very much curious to konw about your activities with Patti.

If you want to get any help about learning Japan, please werite to me. And of course I hope to make bridges between Hawaii and Japan on KIDLINK.

Have nice days with Patti!

Isamu from Japan


From Norway

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:41:18 +0200
From: Tor Arne pmd12@os.telia.no
Subject: [KIDLEADER] Greetings to Hawaii!

Hopefully spelled right... ;-)

Greetings from Arendal, Norway - where Kidlink started some 9 years ago....
From a rainy city some 250km south east of Oslo, our capital.

Take care......

So long,
Tor Arne
Tor Arne Richvoldsen pmd12@os.telia.no


From Pakistan

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 16:40:01 +0500
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Mahenaz Mahmud mahenaz@cyber.net.pk
Subject: Re: little greeting for Hawaii?

Asalam Alaikum everyone,

Patti will tell you what this means! I wish I could have come along too and been a part of this wonderful workshop I know Patti will do for you.

A friend Zaheer and I recently went along to this school to run a workshop on using the Internet as part of the curriculum... guess what? There was no electricity that day in that area, so after talking alternatively for about 60 minutes we had to promise to come another day!!!

Using E-mail and Internet as a tool for delivery of the curriculm is an amazing experience. The children get totally involved and learn independently and isn't that just what we want for our kids, that they learn how to learn and we can open up a whole new way and world for them. Other countries, customs, time zones come alive as they make friends and communicate with others around the globe. Language skills are enhanced as they learn to communicate and oh its just wonderful.

For teachers too its great. Sharing innovative ideas, lesson plans children working on joint projects the list is endless.

Have a great time, Khuda Hafiz (May God be with you) and ALOHA



From Peru

From: Oscar Becerra br1beo@pe.ibm.com
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:06:24 -0500
Subject: Hello, hola Hawaii

Hola amigos de Hawaii, Hello friends in Hawaii:
Un abrazo desde el Peru, warm hugs from Peru, I have been active with Kidlink for a long time and met wonderful people like Patti who make Education a precious activity to be involved in. Good luck with your training and maybe we'll meet face to face some time in the future.

Warm regards,
Oscar Becerra

Lima, Peru
Tel. +51 1 349 0050 x 6421
Cel. +51 1 942 3295
T/L 836-6421


From South Africa

From: carolynn@bruton.wcape.school.za (Carolynn Bruton)
To: Patti Weeg <pweeg@shore.intercom.net>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 20:10:46 +0200
Subject: Re: Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

Hello fellow cybernet-teachers and learners

You are so privileged to have such a wonderful team with Patti. I'm sure that you are going to enjoy your on-line projects as much as I have enjoyed having a preview of the quality of programmes Patti and her Aces team have prepared for you. The programme is full of wonderful ideas to keep you and your learners stimulated for years to come.

A word or two from my city to your country:

On behalf of our 125 year old school Springfield Convent Junior School nestled beneath the towering Table Mountain and in the heart of Cape Town, the beautiful city next to Table Bay at the southern-most tip of Africa we greet you in three languages:

English: Hello fellow teachers!
Xhosa: Molweni!
Afrikaans: Groete van Suid Afrika!

Best of luck

Carolynn Bruton

Springfield Convent Junior School
St John's Road
Wynberg 7700
South Africa


From the United Kingdom

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 21:19:27 +0100
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: Liz Exton lizex@dial.pipex.com
Subject: Aloha from England!

Hello friends in Hawaii!

My name is Liz and I live in Bristol, England. I'm writing this at 20:45 on Thursday night. I think that's 8:45 a.m. Thursday morning in Hawaii, so I'm half a world away and half a day in front of you;) I'm sure if you tune in to KIDIRC at lunchtime (your time) on New Year's Eve, you'll probably be able to hear me reporting from the new Millennium!

I hope you are enjoying Patti's course. Did she show you her new math book? It's great and .... I'm in it! (URL goes here, Patti) Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone I'm so proud! I used to hate math when I was in school, so it's a pleasure for me to help get this generation of kids to like it a bit better;)

I went to Delmar last month to meet Patti and her students. We all had a great time and I can report first-hand that magical things are happening there in the computer lab.

Bye for now,
Liz Exton


From Uruguay

Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 20:38:39 -0300
From: Lely Nu~ez Coronel lely@i.com.uy
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Greetings to our friends in Hawaii from Uruguay

Hola amigos en Hawai!
Hello friends in Hawaii!

Mi nombre es Lely y vivo en Montevideo, Uruguay.
My name is Lely and I live in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Espero que esten disfrutando de su curso con Patti. Ella es una muy bella persona.
I hope you are enjoying Patti's course. She is a very nice person.

He estado participando en Kidlink desde hace mucho tiempo y he sido afortunada de poder encontrar personas tan magnificas como Patti, quienes dan un nuevo significado a las Comunicaciones en Educacion transformandolas en una actividad placentera para involucrarse.
I've been participating in Kidlink for a long time and I was lucky to meet so wonderful people like Patti, who give to the Communications in Education a new meaning and a bring it to a lovely activity to be involved in.

- * - * - * -
Lely Nuñez Coronel http://members.xoom.com/lnc/
Adm.Doc. Red Educativa Uruguaya mailto:lnunez@varela.reu.edu.uy
Kidlink Spanish Manager mailto:lely@i.com.uy
Kidlink WAILA Program Manager http://www.kidlink.org/kie/waila/
- * - * - * -


From Massachusetts, USA

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:48:08 -0400
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
From: "G. Ernest Anderson" GEAND@EDUC.UMass.edu
Subject: Greetings from Boston

Greetings from hot, dry New England, home of water and power shortages. Hope you are doing much better in Hawaii.


(retired after 56 years in this business)

From Oregon, USA

From: "The Hoffman's" fezlo@teleport.com
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Hello From Newport, OR!
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 22:12:32 -0700

Aloha from the Central Oregon Coast! We've been quietly on the Kidlink listserv for the past year after getting involved in Keiko's departure to Iceland. We have been involved in the Whale Project and connected with the kids in Keiko's new home in the Westman Islands. Here's our homepage and a link to Keiko! Have a fun workshop, and write us back!

Doug Hoffman NMS

Newport Middle School

From Texas, USA

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:09:13 -0500
From: Barbara Hunter behunter@teacher.esc4.com
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Hello to Hawaii teachers

Dear Patti, Lynne, and teachers,
You are sooo lucky to have Patti and Lynne helping you this summer. My language is English, so no "special" words in another language. However, some "special" words will be: Don't be afraid to try! You can accomplish wonderful things with your students and for yourself!

Have a wonderful week :-)

Warm regards,

From Washington, USA

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 22:33:39 +0000
From: S & J Burtch burtchs@gte.net
To: pweeg@shore.intercom.net
Subject: Hello Hawaii!!

Dear Teachers in Hawaii,

Welcome to KIDLINK....the biggest online "family" devoted to fostering relations and developing lifelong friendships between kids and adults. You have one of the best instructors there is to teach you the ropes and know Patti will make you wish the class could go on and on.

I live in the state of Washington and am wishing we could have just a little of your sun sometime this summer. They are still snowskiing up on Mt. Ranier! I have been with KIDLINK since 1993. I was anxious and afraid to try many areas of KIDLINK but everyone so was helpful that I just had to ask when I got "stuck" and answers and instructions were given.

Good luck in learning all about KIDLINK. You will find it will add a whole new dimension to your classes as well as to your lives.

Joyce Burtch, Annual Celebration Coordinator

From Puerto Rico

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:47:34 -0400
From: EPI SEPULVEDA EpiSepulveda@compuserve.com
Subject: Greetings to our friends in Hawaii from Puerto Rico
To: Patti Weeg <pweeg@shore.intercom.net>

Saludos desde Puerto Rico!

Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico to sunny Hawaii!

Welcome to Kidlink!

Epi Sepulveda


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