Resources for Teachers

General Resources

  1. ACES I (July 1998) - Cultivating Learners, integrating the Internet into the curriculum
  2. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - A complete online resource for teachers. Excellent.
  3. Global Classroom Teacher Resources - a wide range of resources including places to find online projects
  4. Guide to Basic Web Design - from the Global Classroom
  5. WebQuests - inquiry oriented activity using resources on the WWW
  6. Ask an Expert - links to several "Ask an Expert" pages from UtahLINK
  7. Handbook of Engaged Learning Projects - from the Fermilab Education Office
  8. Designs for Telecollaboration and Telepresence - Judi Harris, from her book Virtual Architecture
  9. From Now On - Jamie McKenzie
  10. Search Tools For Kids [from the MindSPACE III resource page]
  11. Kids' Tools For Searching the Internet [Thank you, MindSPACE III!]


Standards and Assessment

  1. National Curriculum Standards - worldwide, from the CyberJourneys web site
  2. Essential Content - Hawaii
  3. Forms of Alternative Assessment - Miami Museum of Science


The CyberJourneys Series

  1. Kids@work Resources - Includes resources for weather, time zones, latitude/longitude, mathematicians, search engines, keypal sites, conversions and more
  2. CyberDesign- Architects of the Future - Where students become "information competent and digitally literate"
  3. English@work Resource page - The English Teachers Guide to the Internet
  4. Scribes Online Teacher's Library



  1. KIDLEADER archives - Where the adult leaders hold discussions
  2. KIDLINK - projects and global dialogue for kids up to 15 years of age.
  3. KIDPROJ - long and short term projects, message archives
  4. KIDFORUM - 6 week topics, message archives
  5. KIDCAFE - free form discussions
  6. KIDLINK IRC - registration required
  7. KIDLINK C2D - multimedia
  8. Search the KIDLINK archives
  9. How to subscribe to KIDLINK lists



  1. ThinkQuest - An International Contest for Students 12 - 19 years old.
  2. ThinkQuest Junior - A contest for girls and boys in U.S. schools, grades 4 - 6.
  3. ThinkQuest for Tomorrow's Teachers - A new contest for U.S. teachers


Math Resources

  1. Kids@work Math Resources - Contains a list of many online Math resources
  2. Curriculum and Evaluation Standards For School Mathematics (NCTM) National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


Projects About Water and Oceanography

  1. Student's Sea of Knowledge - Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
  2. Kids in Boats - Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG)
  3. Ocean Planet - Interdisciplinary Marine Science Activities from the Smithsonian Institute


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Patti Weeg
The Global Classroom
July 1999