Grade 4

"Invitations to Literacy" Alignment and Pacing Chart: Grade 4

Resources for Grade 4 teachers:

  1. United Streaming videos: background knowledge for SOAR titles. See the video titles below the Kidspiration template.
  2. Kidspiration template shown below. Click on the image to open the file or right-click on the image to save the file to your computer.
  3. iKWL on Palm handhelds
  4. Palm applications for literacy: SpellIt (vocabulary), Quizzler, What If Builder
  5. Interactive reading and language arts resources grades 3-5

From Theme 1
"Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"

Right-click on the image to download (Save Target As) the Kidspiration template.

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum

  1. Downloadable files for teachers about the story
  2. Telecollaborative project between a class in New Jersey and a class in Virginia
  3. Jeopardy Game for "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"
  4. Book reviews written by kids about "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" from The Spaghetti Club
  5. Reading Contract for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  6. Online quiz for the story
  7. WebQuest for "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"
  8. Making Connections Between the Book and Related Topics
  9. General Graphic Organizers for all stories

Grade 4 SOAR resources:
video clips from

Type the title of the video clip in the "keyword" seach box to find the titles listed below.

Book 5: The Wonder of Wolves

  1. Jeff Corwin Experience: The Wolves (29:34)
Book 10: Falcons Nest on Skyscrapers
  1. Animal Profiles: Birds of Prey
    • The Jeer Falcon (02:43)
Book 12: Oil Spill!
  1. Dr. Dad's PH3: Episode Seven: Oil Spills (14:41)
Book 14: Zipping, Zooming, Zapping Bats
  1. Animal Profiles: Bats (10:00) [Patti has this video on a CD.]
Book 15: Martin Luther King, Jr. A Man Who Changed Things
  1. Holiday Fun and Facts: Martin Luther King Day (11:00)
Book 17 Whales
  1. In the Company of Whales (51:05)


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