Grade 3

"The Nation's Choice" Alignment and Pacing Chart: Grade 3

Resources for Grade 2 teachers:

  1. United Streaming videos: background knowledge for SOAR titles. See the video titles below the Kidspiration templates.
  2. eWord game from Houghton Mifflin; vocabulary for "The Talking Cloth"
  3. Portal for Houghton Mifflin 2005 online
  4. Kidspiration templates shown below. Click on each image to open the file or right-click on the image to save the file to your computer.

From Theme 2 - "The Talking Cloth"

This Kidspiration template contains text from the story and questions requiring the students to make inferences.

In this fun Kidspiration activity students use the symbol maker to create their own Adinkra symbols and Adinkra cloth. After they "stamp" their cloth they give the meaning for their symbols and an explanation of what their cloth is "saying."

Grade 3 SOAR resources:
video clips from

Type the title of the video clip in the "keyword" seach box to find the titles listed below.

Book 7: Baby Whales Drink Milk

  1. Animal Profiles: Killer and Beluga Whales
    • Whales are Mammals (00:34)
  2. Life Science: Mammals
    • Humpback Whales (06:22)
Book 9: The Wonder of Bald Eagles
  1. Creature Features: Creatures in Trouble
    • Eagles and Effects of DDT in the Food Chain (02:32)
Book 10: Where Does the Garbage Go?
  1. Taking Care of Our Earth
    • Garbage (01:07)
  2. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling: Environmental Concerns
    • Garbage: Not a Pretty Sight (00:49)
    • Sanitary Landfills (04:23) [Patti has this video on a CD.]
Book 12: Let's Go Rock Collecting
  1. Rocks: The Solid Earth Materials #1 (20:00)
Book 15: Fossils Tell of Long Ago
  1. Fossil Life: An Introduction (20:39)
    • What Are Fossils? (02:20)


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