Delmar Elementary 2004-2005
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All of our 2004-2005 projects were rated exemplary by the Gen Y consultants!
  1. Delmar Gen Y students made Halloween pictures to send to their online friends in Japan.
  2. Our Gen Y students made eBooks to share with online friends in Japan.
  3. Gen Y Project resources
  4. The project work begins!
  5. See our hard working project partners.
  6. Bethany and Amber saved the day!
  7. Tyler, Kederio and Mrs. Sowell's project - "Weather and the Water Cycle"
  8. Bethany, Amber and Mrs. Mumford's project - "Jupiter"
  9. Lindsie, Katelyn and Mrs. Lewis' project -"What's the Matter?"
  10. Riley, Gerrod and Mrs. Smith's project - "Art and the American West"
  11. Jenna and Mrs. Elzey's project - "The Art Lesson"
  12. Billy and Mrs. Andrews' project - "Moses Goes to a Concert"


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Patti Weeg
June 2, 2005