Delmar Elementary 2003-2004
Delmar Generation Y 2003

  1. In the first weeks of class, Gen Y students logged in to the Delmar network, registered in Mrs. Weeg's class on the Gen Y website and completed their student survey.
  2. Gen Y students use e-mail to communicate with their Partner-Teachers and also friends in Japan and Canada.
  3. Students sent introductory letters to their Partner-Teachers and imported Halloween clipart into their Word file.
  4. Students created a fun Word form which they sent to their Partner Teachers.
  5. Students are designing a PowerPoint presentation about the topic of online etiquette called "Netiquette."
  6. Students are learning to use our new digital video camera and laptop.
  7. Filming, capturing and editing video is fun! Take a look at the action.
  8. Gen Y students help teachers by setting up the laptop for meetings.
  9. WBOC TV filmed our Gen Y students while they edited their own video for friends around the world.
  10. See our friends in Taiwan!
  11. Casie and her Partner-Teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, prepare a video to send to Taiwan.
  12. Meet our Partner-Teachers
  13. Gen Y students learn how to use a Palm.
  14. Casie shows Mrs. Andrews' grade two students how to use Palms as part of her Gen Y project.
  15. Mackenzie helps Mrs. Elzey's grade 2 students send letters to South Africa.
  16. Haley is helping Mrs. Spicer's class send letters to friends in Canada.
  17. Gen Y students are participating in the "Kidlink Day" project. See their journals in KidSpace!
  18. Elizabeth is filming Mrs. Lewis' class as they prepare for their "Author's Tea" in May. This is Elizabeth's Gen Y project.
  19. Gen Y students are learning how to make webpages.
Delmar Gen Y student resources for 2003-2004


Generation Y logo used with permission.

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Patti Weeg
November 10, 2003