We Have Friends in Japan

  1. Mrs. Goldman's students have online friends in Kamechi Elementary School in Japan.
  2. How we celebrate Christmas Day - letters to friends in Japan.
  3. A Christmas party in Japan
  4. Letters from Japan
  5. Happy New Year from friends in Japan [wonderful pictures!]
  6. Our video arrived in Japan - letters from our Japanese friends
  7. Letter from friends in Japan
  8. Mrs. Weeg's 4th grade students ask questions about New Years in Japan.
  1. Mrs. Weeg's Generation Y students are writing to their online friends in Yamato Elementary School in Japan.
  2. We wrote to each other about cars.
  3. Our letters to our friends in Japan about Christmas.
  4. Our friends in Japan wrote back to us.
  5. Christmas card from Japan
  6. Creating a video for our friends around the world.
  7. WBOC filmed the Gen Y students as they edited their video.

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Patti Weeg
December 17, 2003