Drawing Us Closer Together
with pictures from Japan, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and Iceland

Melissa - "Undoukai"

This is the third year for our project which began in 1995 when Isamu Shimazaki (Japan) and I used art with our students. Art has a way of breaking down language barriers. Take these links for a full perspective of our work together which this year has expanded to include students in Uruguay, Peru and Brazil.

Thank you, Sonia Fernandez, Isamu Shimazaki, Jose Serruto, Adriana Portella and children!

An Alphabet Book for our friends in Japan and South America

Budding Artists, Scientists and Scribes

Building Language Bridges

The Spanish Art Web Pages

What do you like best about school?
Delmar kids write and draw about school.

From Japan:
Rosalba's picture

Melissa's picture

From 7 year olds in Uruguay:

More pictures from Uruguay:

From Adriana and our friends in Brazil

More beautiful Christmas pictures from Brasil.

From older students in Uruguay:

From Delmar students:

From our friends in Peru:

From Gisli Tryggvi when he was 6 - Icelandic numbers!

From Japan...


Today I taught second grade AKIO and fourth grade Sonnie. They are brothers. Using computer, they tried to make a sheet to present what they were learning today.

Of course their files contained their voices. But I sent only GIF files this time. I'm thinking how we solve our language problem. And more we are trying to do project with Spanish, English and Japanese. Maybe tomorrow Melissa writes Spanish letter.

Thanks for your help,

From Maryland...

Hello friends in Japan, Peru and Uruguay,

We got lovely pictures from our friends in Japan. They have some pictures of an owl, a camel, a dog, a lobster, an alligator, an alligator and some blocks. What are those letters under them? We don't know. Can you tell us? Write back, soon!

Your friends in Delmar, Maryland,
Billy, Dominique, Katie, Sarah and Davinia

Adriana and Isamu, how do you say, "My name is....." in Japanese and Portuguese?

My name is Patti.
Me llamo Patti.

Warm hugs,

From Brasil...

In Portuguese, you say "Meu nome Patti."

Kisses from Brazil!

From Japan...

My name is................. in Japanese,
Watasi no namae wa Patorisia desu.
(My name is Patricia.)
"watasi" means "I" ------this time "my",
"namae "means " name",


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January 20, 1999