Delmar has visitors from Iceland!

  1. A first for our Icelandic visitors - eating steamed crabs!
  2. Mrs. Campbell's first graders enjoyed our Icelandic visitors
  3. Mrs. Yurek's third graders tell why they enjoyed our Icelandic visitors
  4. Mrs. Weeg's computer students learn more about Iceland in a 1973 National Geographic article about the eruption on the Westman Islands
  5. Ms. Hackett's computer lab students send "Thank you" e-mails in Icelandic to Hilda and Eyglˇ.
  6. Ms. Damush's second graders can type in Icelandic.
  7. Mrs. Spicer's first graders learn how to make Icelandic letters on the computer.
  8. Mrs. Andrews' second graders say "Takk!" to our Icelandic visitors.

Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone

page updated June 22, 2001