Mrs. Campbell's Class Writes in Icelandic!

helped by Hilda and Eygl, our Icelandic visitors

Translation of the Icelandic text in the messages below:
g elska ig. [I love you.] ert vinur minn. [You are my friend.]
These first grade students learned how to use the Character Map in Windows to make the Icelandic characters. We are very proud of them!

April 9, 2001

Dear Hilda and Eygl,

Takk fyrir a koma sklann okkar. Vi sknum ykkar.

I liked to hear you talk about the money, the volcano, and the people that stole stuff. I liked when you told us about the lava. And when you told us about how you have to go to school in the dark. We learned a lot!!
Dillon, Joshua, Justin, Michael, Ashley P., and Taylor in Mrs. C. Campbell's First Grade at Delmar Elementary School in Delmar, Maryland.

** We so enjoyed your visit. I, too, was fascinated by the volcano and going to school in the dark, but mostly, I was surprised to hear about eating all of the lamb!!! We are finally beginning to get some nice warm weather and it makes me want to go outside and play all day. I hope you are also enjoying your spring!! Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Iceland and meet two of it's wonderful people!
Happy Spring,
Claire Campbell

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Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone