Frog Tricks Toad

by Shekita, Markis, Jessica and Heather

Dear friends in Japan,

Frog didn't want his friend, Toad, to sleep anymore. He would miss him and be lonely. I asked my boys and girls to tell me what Frog did to get his friend, Toad, out of bed. This is what they wrote. ...and this is what our friends at Rinkan think about the story, "Spring."


Frog tore off the pages so that Toad would think it was May. Then he would get up. The trick workedd. They went outside to play.


He tore the November page. He tore off the December page. He tore off the January page and all the other pages until he got to May. He left that page on. Frog's plan was a good plan. Toad got out of bed.


He was tearing off the November page and all the other pages until May was the one on top. Frog was tearing toad's calendar. The trick worked and Frog and Toad went out for a walk.

My birthday is tomorrow. I will be seven years old.


Dear friends,

Novemder had past. Frog tricked Toad. Frog tore every page off.The Frog's trick worked.

your friend,

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