A Time for Planting...

"I believe that we as teachers need to cultivate our "learner's instinct..." for if we approach the world, in wonder, as learners, there are countless epiphanies awaiting us out there."
Lynne Sueoka
Wheeler Elementary
Where do we begin...?
...with the children, of course.
Bring your work clothes, garden gloves and favorite trowel. We're preparing the soil.

Look who's in the garden! - our Planning Team

The workshop agenda

Look who's blooming now!

1. Darrel's list of our goals, and needs of classroom teachers
2. Mini topics for this summer, Success Compact, Job of technology Coordinator, Darrel summarizes ideas to date, Adriana's introduction
3. Thoughts on global collaboration and "dreaming"
4.Where dreams begin, Mahenaz introduces herself and describes her school, Joy gives a summary of the tech cadre meeting in Hawaii - March 2, Adri discusses her school.
5.David's introduction
6. Adriana and Darrel discuss "Galera" and art education, parent support. Adriana describes her school and talks about food and nutrition.
7. Patti asks about e-mail management for students and also how we are including special needs students in online activities.
8. Lars-Erik enters through the back door and introduces himself.
9. Isamu's introduction and discussion of his work in his international classroom
10. Lynne's introduction and discussion of the "Words From the Heart" project and "names."
11. Greetings from Marg in Australia
12. Carolynn, Adri, Marilyn and Patti talk about the sea.
13. What technology do we have in our schools and how are we using it right now?
14. Hannah introduces herself and Mahenaz replies
15. A newbie jumps in - Carla, new telecom user at Delmar
16. Who Decides About School Technology? - Lars-Erik's article. Patti, Carolynn and Bert Kimura reply.
17. Carla shares some of her newest projects and ideas for supporting classroom teachers. Mahenaz and Adriana join in.
18. Isamu, Adri, Lynne, Ellen, Lars-Erik and Patti discuss cultural differences and meanings of names.
19. Topics for the summer sessions of ACES '98 - Patti, Ellen, Carla and Marilyn make suggestions and comments
20. Isamu and Patti discuss language barriers to online communication
21. Patti inquires about support from local universities and community members
22. Isamu's pictures of cherry blossoms in Japan
23. Lars-Erik tells about ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Sweden
24. Patti, Joy and Pam discuss motivating teachers, time management and assessment
25. Patti, Mahenaz and Betty discuss topics such as open lab times for students, evaluating web sites and student portfolios on the WWW
26. Technology infused lessons... thoughts on assessment. Mahenaz, Joyce Burtch and George Cassutto
27. Isamu and Patti discuss the making of a "Playground" project.
28. Barbara Schulz introduces herself and writes about her online collaborative writing project in KIDWRITERS with John Ost.
29. John Ost introduces himself and discusses his online collaborative writing space with kids.
30. Patti discusses the "Playground" project she is doing with Isamu (Japan) and Ines (Argentina) and most recently Gisli Tryggvi (Iceland) and Carolynn (South Africa)
31. Barb shares her excellent curriculum connections in "The Oil Spill Mystery."
32. More on assessment: Mahenaz, Betty, Lynne and John
33. Didactical Issues in Using the Internet in the Classroom - Paper delivered in Slovenia by Hannah Sivan (written together with David Lloyd)
34. Patti's thoughts in May
35. Barb asks for help in assessing her Oil Spill Mystery project. Links to Dimension of Learning and Multiple Intelligences sites
36. Carla spreads her excitement about her "Authors Mentoring Authors On-Line" writing workshop.

Patti's Visit to Hawaii and HERN - 1997

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Patricia A. Weeg

Updated June 25, 1998