Join existing projects:
  1. Kidlink's complete project list.
  2. Hunt For Country Capitals - Students choose a current country capital anywhere in the world and develops 9 clues about that capital for other students who are trying to guess the capital that is being described.

  3. Hunt For Famous Explorers - Students choose an explorer anywhere in the world, research facts concerning the explorer then compose nine interesting clues for other students to use when identifying the explorer.

  4. Landmark Game - Students choose a Landmark any where in the world, research facts concerning the landmark and compose nine interesting clues. This project not only crosses the curriculum areas allowing students to call on their writing, problem solving, critical thinking, map reading and organizational skills but it also crosses grade levels and cultures. Elementary, middle and high school students from around the world participate as equals.

  5. Multicultural Calendar - A collection of holiday descriptions written by Kidlink students since 1994.

  6. Multicultural Recipe Book - A collection of recipes from around the world submitted by Kidlink students since 1996.

  7. Through Our Eyes - an annual Kidlink project that fosters collaborative writing. Participating classes choose a place near their community to describe to a global audience.

  8. Who Am I? - an eight month Kidlink program divided into six modules complete with discussion questions, classroom activities and resources.

  9. I Have a Dream - a year long Kidlink program that encourages students to act now on their dreams for a better world.

  10. Grandmother and Me - an ongoing Kidlink project for all ages which encourages reading, writing and art.

  11. Project Registries - places to find online projects
    1. The Connected Classroom - "projects designed by teachers for teachers"
    2. Houghton Mifflin Education Place project center. A collection of online projects created by teachers.
    3. The Global Schoolhouse - includes CyberFair, GeoGame, Online Expeditions, Project Registry and more
    4. CIESE Collaborative Science Projects
    5. Kidlink's Kidproj areas in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and more
    6. NickNacks - Ongoing Telecollaborations
    7. Oz Projects Australian site of online curriculum projects
    8. CLEO Collaborative Learning Environments On-Line. "...supports inquiry and collaboration in science and mathematics."

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