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Kidspiration is an excellent software package for concept mapping, language arts activities and for strengthening math, science and social studies concepts. It is very flexible and allows students to interact, build and move objects on the screen as well as type text. Don't forget to look at the Math activities that come with Kidspiration 2. Click on "Math" on the front screen of the software. When you make your own templates you can save them with the activity wizard (from the teacher menu) and then your students will be able to access them from the "Math" icon on the front screen. You can get additional math templates from this location: Kidspiration in the Classroom Downloadable Resources

Take a look on these webpages to see Kidspiration templates created by other teachers:

From my Professional Day presentation on Jan. 30, 2004:

More templates are available here:

Examples from the software company - Inspiration:

Equivalent Fractions:


another for triangles by Edith Henderson:

Coweta County, Georgia

North Canton City Schools:
Liquid Measurements - (Gallon Guy):

Identifying angles:

Below is the main page where the above templates are located.

Here's a sample template from the Inspiration company. The Math activity is about fractions.

Kidspiration Tutorials

Learn about the program:

Interactive demo:

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