The Weeg Family

Jim and Patti
August 28, 2005

Karen, Erik, Brian, Tony

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Karen's daughter, Alison
Ali's website
It's a girl
Michael's daughter, Victoria
Mike and Victoria Rob Gordy - who adopted us!

Michael (39) lives in Florida. Tony (31), Erik (28) and Rob (27) live in Salisbury. Brian (29), Karen (25) and Alison (born Oct. 23, 1999) live at home. Patty Hurtado lived with us when she moved from Peru to the United States. She married Barry and now lives with her family in California.

Patty, Noah, Barry and Kelsey Neighbors
Alison and Noah - the newborns
Granny's page

What a crew! Warm hugs from all of us.

  1. Father's Day Picnic... then and now (2002)
  2. Thanksgiving 2001 - dessert at Aunt Jan and Uncle Ed's house.
  3. Thanksgiving 2000 at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house
  4. Happy Mother's Day 2000
  5. Happy Easter 2000
  6. Easter visit in Baltimore - [April 20, 2000]
  7. Happy Holidays 1999
  8. Thanksgiving '98 at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's house
  9. Tim and Joy: Kayli Rose Meeks
  10. Amy and Doug: Alexander Peyton Honbarrier
  11. The connected family
  12. Uncle Tom's web page and granddaughter Krysta's webpage
  13. Gloria Rose Healy and her family (Aunt Lou and Uncle Eddie)
  14. Patty and Barry Neighbors family webpage.

Updated August 28, 2005

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