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Patti asked:
Do you think that kids had to be more creative in colonial times?

I think kids had to be more creative in the colonial times. If you don't think they were more creative than you have to agree with me that they had a bigger imagination than kids today.

Back in colonial times kids didn't have the toys that we have today...they had to make their own toys. The girls made dolls out of corn stalks (come on girls you know you have to have a big imagination to make a doll out of corn :-) the boys usually carved stuff out of wood, like boats. They didn't have electronics.....They had to pass the time exercising their minds doing creative things.

All the kids that attend Wicomico schools what have you been doing on the days you have been off due to snow? I have been bored....mainly waisting time on the computer... How about you? Did you make up some cool game to play...or did you make a toy to play with? I bet the kids in colonial times did?

In conclusion I think kids today need to re-examine themselves....Instead of sitting in front of the TV or Sega on hours on end...why don't you try to do something creative? I challenge all of the kids for one day put yourselves in the place of colonial kids...and just see what happens :-)

p.s. this letter may be well out of line....I encourage feed back

Jeremy br>
(the above are my opinions)

Patricia A. Weeg
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