Creative Play

What are your thoughts?

Hi kids!

Mrs. Elder and her students wrote a wonderful essay about how kids in colonial Maryland had fun with toys and games. They certainly did not have the electronic games we have today but they *did* have fun. I've got some questions for you and hope that we can talk about these things. Feel free to ask each other more questions.

  1. Olya, do children in Russia play "Hide and Seek?"
  2. How many of you ever made your own toys? Tell us about them.
  3. What games do you play that don't cost money?
  4. Do you think that kids had to be more creative in colonial times?
  5. Olya, do you have games like bobbing for apples in your country?
  6. Would you like to have lived in colonial Maryland?

Teachers... please feel free to add to these questions.
Many thanks to Mrs. Elder and the kids at East Salisbury School!


Patricia A. Weeg
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