Letters For Ayumi

From Markis, Jessica, Heather and Shekita

Dear Ayumi,

Yes, I'm a boy. What do you like on top of your pizza? My favorite book is "Green Eggs and Ham." Do you have that book in Japan? What kind of pizza do you like?

your friend markis

Dear Ayumi,

I have a little sister and her name is Maribeth. I have a big brothers his name is David. My favorite book is, "The Foot Book." Do you have that book? I also have, "Go, Dog, Go." Dr. Suess wrote these books. Do you like pizza?

Your friend, Jessica

Dear Ayumi,

Thank you. I am a girl. Do you like baby dolls? My mom will put your letter and your picture on my refrigerator door. Do you like pizza?

your friend, Heather

Dear Ayumi,

I'm a girl. Bar-b-q chicken has spices and a sauce on it. The sauce is red. It has ketchup in it. What is the name of your burger shop? Do you like chicken? Tell me how you cook your chicken.

shekita your friend.

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