Houses in Tasmania

Houses in Tasmania

Lauderdale Primary School

Date: Oct 16 1992 at 5:30am
Subject: Infant Project  -  from Tasmania, Australia


To Whitney in Salisbury,

My name is Lauren Carter and I am 7.  How old
are you?  I am in grade 2.  My best friends are
Tamika, Daniel and Tristan.  Have you got any
friends?  My house is made out of bricks.  They
are kind of orange and red colour.  My steps are
made of cement.  They are grey.  They have little
tiny sparkles on the steps.  We have eight rooms
in our house.  I share a pine bunk bed with my
brother.  Once I fell out.  What kind of bed have
you got?  I have a wood heater.  It is brown and
black.  It is a really good heater.  I have a grey
couch.  There is one big couch and two little
ones.  They are a grey kind of colour too, with
different kind of little dots on it.  It is is colourful.

To Jade,
How are you?  Did you know that my middle
name is Jade too?  Over here it is daylight
savings.  Dad Keeps forgetting to put his watch
one hour forward and is always late for work.  Do
you have daylight savings in England?  In
summer we have to put our clock forward so we
get up early and we have one hour more daylight
in the afternoon.  Your friend Aaron Jade

To everyone,
I live in a house with four bedrooms.  My house
is made out of wood.  We own five acres of land.
We do not have earthquakes.  We have thirty
seven windows.  Our roof is made out of iron.
When it snows it settles on the mountain near our
city.  I live in Lauderdale.  My Mum and Dad
work with flowers.  We have five acres and most
of the five acres are covered with flowers.   Lots
of them are in glass houses, but lots are not.
Love from Lisa.

To Jodie,
I'm Emily and I bet you dont know why I'm
writing to you.  I am writing to you because I
know a girl called Jodie.  My house has a long
driveway.  I live at 31 Seabrook Street, Seven
Mile Beach.  On your computer, the letters went
big because you made them go big yourself.  My
house is made out of two different things, wood
and bricks.  What is your house made of?  My
house is a rectangular shape.  It is not two storey.
What is your house like?       From Emily.

To Dear Jodie,
Today we got out the big map of the world to see
how far away you are from Australia.  I live in
the country and it is very peaceful.  We have 1
horse, 2 dogs, 4 chooks, a heap of fish, 1 possum,
1 pademelon, 1 duck.  My house is pinky colour
and grey.  My roof it a pinky colour and on
Wednesday I got a new cat called Countess
Meijan.      Love from Lauren.

To Debby,
I'm Alicia.  Is it hot or cold in England?  It's fine
in Australia.  Sometimes it rains, sometimes it
shines in spring.  I have half an acre.  I have a
pool and a huge tyre.  It is bigger than the table.
We put the tyre in the pool.     From Alicia.

Dear Razia,

I would like to help in your project.  We have lots
of fly screens because I have a horse and it
attracts flies.  We have 10 rooms and 12 doors.
Our school is made of grey brick.   We have two
storeys.  I am on the second storey.   I like being
on the top because you get the best view.  In our
school classroom we have 28 windows and three
doors.  Our carpet is red and black.  We have
some places with tiles.  We have tiles in the
walkway where we hang our bags and in the art
area.        From Jessica S.

Dear Whittney,
My name is Lauren.  I am a girl.  Our school is
made of bricks and they are grey.  My house is
made of bricks too.  It is kind of orange and kind
of a redy colour.  I have a bedroom that I share
with my brother.  We have bunks.  They are pine
bunks.  I live in Lauderdale.  Our house is in
Terrina Street and the number is 52 and I have
grey steps.        From Lauren.

 To Dear Piera,
I am sorry that no-one has written to you and I
am sorry that we took so long to write.  Oh, by
the way, Mr. Hoggett said that you would have
heard about a Tasmanian Devil, but you wouldn't
know much about it.  The Tasmanian Devil is a
black animal with very sharp teeth.  If it gets the
chance, it would probably take a bite of you, but
you dont want to know everything about a
Tasmanian Devil.  Anyway, I  go  to a school.  It
is made of bricks.  Normally bricks are the colour
redish or orangish, but our bricks at school are
white because they are painted.  My house has
redish bricks.  It is a big house.  It is a two storey
house.  It is a good house.  I like it very much.
When  I look out the window, I can see the beach.
 We live near a beach.  In the summer I go
swimming.  I paddle in the water.  It is fun.  I like
where we live.  It is nice and peaceful.  Please
write back.       Love Sarah.    P.S.  I am 8.

To Gisli Trugvi,
My name is Daniel.  I come from Tasmania.  I am
8 years old.  We have a one and two storey school
building.  We have a double unit next to our
school building and there's a kinder next to our
school building too.  It is a creamy colour.  My
house is green and white.  I've got 15 acres or
more and its daylight savings over here now.
Love from Daniel.

To Andrew,
I live in Tasmania.  My Mum and Dad  run our
shop and our house is joined on to the shop.  I has
lots of lollies and icecreams.  I like guitars, do
you?  I have a brother.  His name is Daniel.  Do
you know anybody called Daniel?  I have no pets,
but used to though.        From Aaron L.

To All Pen Pals,
Hi, I am Sam Sheldrick and I am 7.  I have a
brick house.  It is orange and do you know what a
pergola is?  Well, a pergola is a place where you
can go and sit in the sun.  Sometimes it can have
a roof or vines growing all over it for shade.  You
can have a barbeque in there.  Well a barbeque is
a thing that you can cook food on outside.  I live
in Tasmania and I live at 62 North Terrace,
Lauderdale.  This letter is to everyone from Sam

To Dear Louise,

This is my second letter.  My last letter was for
everyone, but this time it is for you.  I heard some
people needed help on houses.  Are you one?
Anyway, If you are, here are some things about
my house.  I have a brother, I have my own
bedroom.  My brother has to.  We haven't got
stairs.  We have five acres.  I am 8 years old.  On
our big map we are about 20  centimetres south of
the equator.    From you pen friend   Lynette Gay.

Carolyn Dunstan, teacher
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