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In late December I sent a message across the MDK-12 listserv inviting Maryland teachers and students to participate in our project. Ruth Newbern from St John the Evangelist School sent this reply. We are very happy to add links to their site and hope they will join our discussions. Thank you, Ruth! Here is the letter from Ruth...


The students at St. John's are exploring and writing about the history of our school, church and community (Clinton and Southern Maryland). We are also including a section on the Piscataway Indians. As part of our research, we have a presentation planned for January 9, that will be given by Mark Tayac, son of the chief of the Piscataway Indian Nation.

BTW, there was a very interesting article in the Post last week about the "feud" over the Piscataway heritage. I have offered to host an "official" Piscataway Indian Nation page for them--we'll see if they take me up on it.

Since the Surratt House and Tavern is right around the corner from St. John's, our 3rd graders will be visiting on January 11. While Mary Surratt was hanged as a participant in the Lincoln assassination, the class will be focusing on the colonial kitchen, to augment their nutrition unit.

All of this (and lots more) is being put up on our WWW pages at the address below. While there are a lot of parts labeled "under construction," we will be making every effort to expedite the postings, now that the holidays, class parties, Christmas concert, etc. are behind us. We invite you to look us over and include a link to our site. We have one to yours.

Ruth Newbern
St. John the Evangelist School

Patricia A. Weeg
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