More Shoeboxes From Colegio Rio Branco

Campinas, Brazil


Hi, my name is Kathleen and I'm eleven years old. In a shoebox I would put : I am from Brazil First : A CD from Whitney Houston, the name of the CD is bodyguard ( it's from her movie). I would put it there because she's my favorite singer, and that's my favorite CD. Second : I would put my miniature collection, because I really like my miniature collection from Disney and WB ( Warner Brothers ). Third : A picture of the Animaniacs, because I think there are great ! Fourth : My favorite food, palm-tree pie and strawberry pie. Fifth : My twenty-two games for Super-Nintendo and my two games for Nintendo 64. I live in Campinas, the state of Sao Paulo, the country, Brazil. If any one what's to write to me my e-mail adress is : I wouldbe very pleased to have you as my penpal no matter your age, nationality or if you're a boy or girl.

Hi, our name are Sabine and Thais !!! We are from in Brazil Inside the shoebox we will put : cd's because we like to listen they A piture of my dog : because it is my best friend !!! Megazines : because we like to read them !!! Walk man : because I haven't any place to put it !!!


HI! Our names is Mauricio and Vitor. We are from in Brazil My tennis ball. I cd that is by Madonna . A picture of my family Maurício e Vitor

Hi!!! My name is Lucia, We are from in Brazil We would a shoebox: picture of my family. picture of all my friends. my cd of Beatles. I love beatles my ballet shoe. my cd of shakira. my ball of basktball. my favourite magazines. By, by!!!!!!! LUCIA MAGALHAES.

Our names are Pedro and Ramon. We are from in Brazil In our shoebox we would put. A picture of my family, because we love our family. A picture of my friends, because we like our friends. A cards of magic, because I like magic. A cd of Ironmaiden, because I like a music. A walkman, becausa I like a music.

candy bars Hi! My name is Raquel. We are from in Brazil A music CD from two my favourite grups ( Shakira and Bon Jovi ) to show that I love music. A picture of my family. A chocolate candy bar. I love chocolate. A carts in my frends. A pictures to my dogs they names is Pita and XuXa. By!!!!!!!!! Raquel D. Langer.

Hi! Our names are Larissa and Thaisa. We are Brazilian students. In our shoebox we would put: CDs because we love music. The letters of friends because we love reading the letters. The books, becuse we like readind the book. CD that is by Daniela Mercury, because we love music of Daniela Mercury. A diskman because we love music. Good Bye!!!

Hi! Our Mariana Mendes Bahia and Priscila dos Santos Luz. We are Brazilian Students. I'm our shoebox we woud put: pictures Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Marcio Garcia, Marcelo Antony, Paulo Pires, because we love them. We woud put: cd, because we love music. We woud put: lipstick, because we like lipstick. We woud put: playing card, because we like to guard memory. We woud put: hairbrush, because when to look to find.

Hi! Our name are Renata and Natália .In our shoebox , would put: Cassettes or CD's, because we love music. Our favourite singer are Shakira , Bob Marley and Cat Stevens. Books of our favourite writer (Agatha Christie), because we love the story : A Testemunha ocular do crime. Photo of our dog, Apolo , because we love him very much. Letters, because we like to receive letters from our freinds. Pictures of our dreams: our dream school, our dream home, our dream boyfreind,etc... Our walkman , because we like listen to music on a walkman. Best whishes, Natália and Renata.

Hi! My name is Pedro, from Brazil. In my shoe box I would put: A picture of my family because they're the best family in the whole world. My favourite book because I'm a book-worm. My favourite CD's (Suzenne Vega and Cranberries) because I'm a music maniac. A picture of my dog because she's the cutest thing in the world. Lots of money so I can enjoy myself (and in case of na emergency). My game-boy because I love computers and video games.

Hi! our name are Rafael and Nicolás. In our shoeboxes we would put ; Our game favorite computer, my live computer. Our CD favorite music. We loves music. Our ball in favorite sport. We love sport. Our photos our family. We love family. Our game favorite Our school book and notebook

Hi ! My name is Raphael, I'm from Brazil. In my shoebox I would put: A Playstation CD because I don't wan't them to brake It. My comics because I love reading. My football ball because It's so cool play football. My cards because because I don't wan't them spoil. My toys. My Favourite CD (Raimundos 1,2,3). My computer CD's because I wan't to have them forever. A picture of my family because I love them. A picture of my dog because he is so sweet. My video-game because he is fragile.

Hi ! My name is Ricardo. In my shoebox I would pot: A Magic cards game because I love chage and play this cards. comics becase I love read and colect. hamister because there isn't a cage. 4.My favorites computer CD's because I love play the computer games. cassetes or Cd's music because I love listen music. photos Our famili. 7.My favorite game cartrige because I love play video-game. 8.Lots of my money so I ean enjoy my self( and a caswe of na emergency).

Hi! Our names Thiago and Yuri. We are brasilian students. In our shoebox we wold put: magic cards ,because we love change cards and play. 2.Album of my family because we love my family . CD-room because we love play computer games. picture of my dog because he's very cool . mini basket ball because we like sports.

HI MY NAME IS THOMAZ. I AM my SHOEBOX. I WOULD PUT A dog because, I love animal. A telephone because I love to coverse I cd that is by legiao urbana, because I love music. I would also a put litlle soccer, because I love sports. A computer disk, because I love computer. A picture of my family, because Y love, I like, my family A cd-room, because I like games electronics

Hi ! My name is Viviane . In my shoebox, wold put: 1)cassett 's my cd 's, because I'm love music. 2)books im learin ,becalse im love

HI! Our names are Stella and Viviane. We are Brazilian students. In our shoebox we would put : A Diskman because we love music. A Dog because we love dogs. A book because we love read. A Lipstick because it's essence for a woman. A CD that's by O REITARDADO because it is comedy. A magazine that's by CAPRICHO of teens because we love are teens

Hello, my name is Ricardo da S. Souza. In my shuebox I would put: A picture of my family and my friends, because I love my family and my friends. CD's of computer games, because I like play computer games. My walk-man because I like listen to music. Cards of SPELLFIRE, because I like play SPELLFIRE. A mini-computer, because I like computer.

Hi! My name is Luana. In my shoebox. I would put: CD's, because. I love music. A picture of my dogs,because they're beautiful. Money, because. I love presents. A picture of my family. A picture of friends, because. I like my friends.

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