Playing in the Puddles

Interpreting a Picture

Our friends from Rinkan Elementary School in Japan sent us this very nice picture and asked us to write a story about it. Delmar second graders wrote their stories and we sent them to Japan.

One day my friend, Sam, and I went outside. We were playing in the puddles. It started to rain harder with thunder and lightning. It's a good thing we had our rain coats on and our umbrellas. The lightning struck a bush and the jungle gym on the playground. I hope it didn't strike anywhere else. They were going to sleep outside but it was wet out there. We were not scared. Heather said, "Sam, let's play in the puddles."


One day there were two little boys outside playing in the rain. It was thundering and lightning. They had umbrellas and they are brothers. Are you really brothers? They were splashing in the mud.


Once upon a time there were two boys who wanted to go outside. It was raining outside with thunder and lightning. They had umbrellas. Is that your friend? Let's splash in the puddles. They thought they could jump in the rain. It might strike us too. We were scared especially my friend Shelly. Shelly was scared because she was only five. When it stopped raining Shelly wasn't scared any more. She was happy and I was happy too. Then the next day they went outside and had fun too.


Here is my story. My story is about two boys playing in the rain. They were playing baseball. One fell down in the rain. Then they climed A tree. One fell out and he hurt himself. One went inside to get an umbrella so he wouldn't get wet.


Once upon a time there were two boys walking under a storm and rain cloud. They were lucky that they have coats on. They were very cold. One of them had a green jacket and the other had a yellow jacket.


Here is my story. My story is about my friends and I am going to play football with my friends. They ware playing in the rain. They had umbrellas in the rain. It was hard to play football in the rain.


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