Sharing Puzzles Across the Seas

Delmar students and their friend in Lebanon, 10 year old Karine, are having fun sharing Math puzzles.


The number of states in the USA
Subtract the number of letters in the alphabet
Times how many original colors
Add how many days in a week
Subracted by the number of letters in my name
Add how many hours in a day
Then to finally get my secret number subtract how many stripes are on a USA flag

Now that you know my secret number please send me one!!

Karine replies:

solution: 51 - 26 x 4 + 7 - 15 + 24 - 7=109 (we haven't an original colors ?!)

Math Problems

My number is the number of legs on a spider times the number of letters in my name. Subtract the number of chambers in the heart. Subtract the numbers of all of your fingers. Add the legs of a tripod. Subtract the number of legs you have then subtract the number of arms you have. You have now figured out the number (the age of Prospecter Parker) . You have my magic number. Please send me one.


Karine replies:

solution: 6 x 15 - 4 - 10 + 3 - 2 - 2= 75

Math Problem

My name is Dean. I am the number of planets and the number of wheels on a bike. If you fingered out the answer to my problem you would find out my age.

A Friend,
Dean Karine replies:

solution: 9 + 2 = 11

to all 5th grade!

take the 1st letter of:
1-an animal who lives in australia.
2-juicy fruit .
an................a day keeps the doctor away.
3-an animal with long ears.
4-mass of ice in the sea.
5-opposit of south
6-we hold a rabbit by his.............. .
write me an answer.


stephanie, it's a math puzzle for you.

1- percentage of water on the earth
2- subtract: number of letter in CHEWING-GUM
3- add of: sides in the hexagone
4- times of: pens in 12 dozens
5- subtract: number of month of the year

this is my number!!!!


hi !!!!! melissa

1-the year when Columbus discovered America
2-times of: the colors of lebanese flag
3-subtract: stars in the U.S.A's flag
this is my secret number!!!

welcome to lebanon DEAN

here is a math puzzle

1- number of month in the year
2- add of : the legs of ant
3- subtract: colors of the lebanese flag
4- times of: height of BAALBECK column
5- subtract: percentage of land on the earth.
find my number !!!!!!!
and write me!!!!

Puzzle image at the top of this page kindness of our Mr. D!

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