Pizza Pricing Survey

Pizza Pricing Survey

Moderated by: Leisa Winrich

                                 PIZZA PRICING

If anyone is still interested, how about a new pricing survey. This one
will be simple.

Price of large takeout tomato and cheese pizza.
List price.
List number of pieces in pizza.
List your location.

Also, survey class and list your favorite pizza flavor.

Other prices of pizza welcomed as well, as long as you include
plain pizza for comparison.

You can also list the name of place where you bought pizza.

Please participate even if you aren't signed up for Math Pen Pals.

We can use the data.

Southern Hemisphere schools, please join us. We would like to make this
make this an International survey.

Leisa Winrich

Juneau, Alaska

From:         Paula Janowiec

We checked on our Dominos pizza plain costs $10.00 for
12 slices, the favorite seems to be a pepperoni or a
garbage special with everything!! runs anywhere from $13.00
to $18.00    THINK SNOW   Paula

Delmar, Maryland

From:         "Patricia A. Weeg"

   Pizza King
Location        Seaford, Delaware

Size of pizza   16 in.

Slices          8

Pepperoni      $9.20 Thin  $10.20 Thick

Sausage         $1.25  Extra

Cheese          $7.95 Thin   $8.95 Thick

Everything      $13.95 Thin  $14.95 Thick

Sal's Pizza gallery 3
 Size of Pizza 16 inches.

  Slices       8

 Location      Seaford, Delaware

Pepperoni       $1.25   Extra

Sausage        $1.25   Extra

Cheese         $7.25   Whole Pizza

Everything     $12.25  Whole Pizza

Do your pizzas cost about the same?

Charles Tull
grade 6
Delmar Elementary School

****************** Richmond, Virginia ****************** From: 5th Grade Class The prices ranged from $9.96 to 11.96 at Pizza Hut for 12 slices. At Dominos the prices ranged from $5.99 to 9.99. All of these prices need to have 4.5% sales tax added. Our best price was the special at Dominos for a cost of $6.26 for 12 slices. We enjoyed doing this survey. Our favorite kind of pizza is cheese. Our graph of pizza is below. OUR PIZZA PREFERENCES Cheese * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Pepperoni * * * Sausage * * Black Olives & Pepperoni * * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 -- Mrs. Sandra P. Smith's Fifth Grade Class Jackson Davis Elementary School 8801 Nesslewood Drive Richmond, Virginia 23229 From: Leisa Winrich Subject: MATH-Question to Virginia To: Ms. Smith's 5th grade class From: Jason in Menomonee Falls, WI Can you send the exact price of: a large cheese pizza? and any other pizza? We are ranking the prices and need the name of the pizza and the exact price. It would also help if we knew where you got the prices from, like Dominos or Pizza Hut. Your graph made it easy to see what your favorite pizza was. Thanks for sending the graph. Jason ************************ Gibbons, Alberta, Canada ************************ From: Jan Dalton Gibbons School Gibbons, Alberta, CANADA K Brothers Pizza and Burger House ================================= Location: Gibbons, Alberta, Canada Size of Pizza 12 in. (large) Slices 8 Pepperoni $12.40 Cheese $11.85 Hawaiian (ham & pineapple) $13.50 (a big seller!) Everything $17.55 Andy Salame - Grade 5 ****** Kuwait ****** From: Neil Frederick Rickards From The Computer Club Gulf English School Kuwait KD= Kuwaiti Dinars 1 US$ = 0.300 KD Pizza Hut Prices for pan (thick) pizzas Cheese (3 types) Large (12") KD 3.250 Medium (10") KD 2.150 Small (8") KD 1.400 Super Supreme same prices as cheese (everything) Margarita Large KD 2.250 medium KD 1.400 Small KD 0.900 Sbarro Pizza Margherita Large Only (18") KD 2.750 Sbarro Supreme " " " KD 3.750 If you want prices on any other American fast-food chain just ask we have them all!! Kuwait has only one main urban area generally called Kuwait City but, naturally it is divided into suburbs. The prices were obtained from the Pizza Hut and Sbarros in the suburb of Salmiyah. The Pizza Hut is the American Chain and has many outlets city-wide all with the same prices. I think there is only one Sbarro though at the moment. Neil Rickards ********************* Santa Ana, California ********************* From: Vonnie L Phillips On Friday, March 3, our math group went on a walking field trip to Valentino's Pizza in Santa Ana - a few blocks from our school in Garden Grove. We ordered 2 large pizzas - one with Canadian Bacon and Pepperoni, the other was Canadian Bacon and Mushrooms. The price was $14 for both, including tax. For the Math penpalj project we had to check the price of a large Cheese Pizza. The regular price for that was $8.25, but they were having a pecial for $4.04, including tax. The large pizza is divided into 12 slices. We thought the cheese pizza was a good deal, but we wanted toppings. We really enjoy these projects that give us a chance to go on a field trip to research information. Jackie Verino, Rodolfo Diaz, Roger Nguyen, Brenda Garcia, Danny Gaona Vonnie Phillips, Mentor Teacher Garden Grove Unified School District Clinton-Mendenhall School 13641 Clinton Garden Grove, CA 92640
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