Somerset County


My name is Paul. I live in an area of Maryland that is referred to as Somerset County. This is one of the oldest counties in Maryland. Somerset was founded in 1666. Remember, Maryland's original settlement was at Saint Mary's on Maryland's western shore. The English knew about this area as early as 1608. Why do you think it may have taken the English so long to settle on the Eastern Shore in Somerset?

When these settlers arrived they found that the area was already inhabited by Native Americans that we refer to as Indians. I am descended from the Pocomoke Indian tribe as well as the European settlers. Do you think the Indians were treated as equals with the settlers?

Somerset County is a nice place in which to live and work. In the county there are jobs on the water as well as in farming. The land is fertile as well as very flat. Would you like to make a living working on the water catching seafood or planting crops on land?

If anyone likes old towns, farms, plantations and seafood, Somerset is the place to visit. A few of the communities in Somerset are Crisfield and Princess Anne. Try to find out how these communities were named.

Paul Stephens
Patricia A. Weeg
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