Pacemakers: The Beat Goes On...

...and on... It is and I have not skipped a beat!

I began building this page in March, 1996 when friends asked me about the pacemaker I had just received. I was 51 years old and was not thrilled to hear the news that I needed a pacemaker. On February 27th the pacemaker was implanted and I am doing fine. I'm 'hotwired' now and doing all those things I have always done! I've teased my friends and told them I had a Pentium chip implanted. ;- ) Actuuuooollllyyyy I am 'bionic' now and don't bother with e-mail. I just 'beam up' my messages!

Mr. Delos Johnson, a Field Clinical Engineer, has been teaching me and my students all about pacemakers. His research has been published in PACE.

  • Machado C, Johnson D, Thacker JR, Duncan JL: "Pacemaker Patient-Triggered Event Recording: Accuracy, Utility, and Cost for the Pacemaker Follow-up Clinic" PACE, 19:1813-1818, November 1996
  • Gimbel JR, Johnson D, Levine PA, Wilkoff BL: Safe Performance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Five Patients with Permanent Cardiac Pacemakers PACE 19:913-919, June 1996
  • Henderson D, Maher M, Johnson D: "Case Study: Spurious Signal Oversensing Caused by Intermittent Ring Contact" PACE 19: March 1996
  • Lucas E, Johnosn D, McElroy B: "Evaluation of Electronic Article Surveillance Systems Effects on Permanent Cardiac Pacemakers" PACE 17:2021-2016, November 1994
Mr. Johnson has given presentations at the following conferences:

  • Cardiostim 96 - Nice, France - June 1996
  • NASPE - Seattle, Washington - May 1996
  • X World Symposium on Cardiac Pacing - Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 1995
  • NASPE - Nashville, Tennessee - May 1994

We are very grateful to Mr. D for all the time he has given to us.

Visit his Pacemaker Education and Technology Web site.

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