Olya's Letters

to Mrs. Elder's class

Olya drew a picture for us of Russian children playing "Blind Man's Bluff."

Dear Linda Elder,

Thank you for your letter, I'm so sorry, I can't write back earlier. Letters of your students are really nice! I'll give you answers for all your questions, because I like it! Here is my letter for your students:

Hello Amos, Tia, Joshua, Vaughn, Florence, Penny, David and Tyron, Kimberly and John,

I like your letters! Here you can find answers for your questions: I haven't Sega Genesis, but many Russian children have it. I have a computer and it's very nice. Good computer costs about 1000$ or about 4,5 millions of roubles now. Also I have telephone and clothes, bike and bed like you have. Here is busses, trains and trams in Russia but I think it's worse than in America. We have McDonalds and restaurants too, but I don't hear about Pizza Hut. Most food and clothes is from other countries now in Russia. We have Uncle Ben's rice, M&M's and Skittles' candy, Oral B toothbrushes and many other things from America. I think some of our stores is nice.

If you want to know am I pretty and nice girl you can ask Mrs. Weeg. She has my photos and pictures. I like to do plaites and tails with my hair. I am white. Majority of Russian people are white. But it's not very important for me: who are you, black or white. I like black people.

Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's boring here... Of course I like to play outside in the snow. What must I do in Russia in the winter also? I like to play basketball. We don't play soccer in Russia so I haven't favorite soccer team. I have little brother. His birthday is in April 14 and he is eight now.

I go to the school number 63. All schools in Russia have only numbers. I know that American schools have names, like Delmar Elementary or East Salisbury school. Sometimes we work hard in school, sometimes we have a lot of homework.

Ekaterinburg water is not very good, but in some Ural towns (like Zarechnyi, Magnitogorsk) the water is excellent. Most Russian people living in flats, I living in the flat too. Russian flats are small. Of course, rich men can live in big houses. I can't answer "yes" or "no" for questions like "Is your town good?", "Is Russia bad?" and "Are people down in Russia?"

Well, I hope you like my letter ;).

Best wishes,

Patricia A. Weeg
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