The Nisser

a Danish tradition

Merry Christmas from Broager

As a special Christmas greeting to you we would like to tell about a special Danish Christmas tradition. The whole of December we are all haunted by some small supernatural beings whom we call NISSER - in English you call them pixies.

NISSER are small persons not taller than 2 ft. Many of them are much smaller. They are dressed in red and grey clothes and they all wear a red pointed hat. NISSER love rice pudding which we set out to them during Christmas time. If we forget they revenge themselves on us with the most terrible teasing.

Many Danes, for example, have a much too long nose because the NISSER didn`t get enough rice pudding. If they get their pudding they can be very helpful and useful. As a matter of fact many children get a small present from the NISSER every morning.

They may also help people in need - cure sick animals -help with a good harvest - make hard work easy - etc. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Greetings from a country which right now has a smell of rice pudding with sugar, cinnamon and a big lump of butter.

Broager Skole 5c

Patricia A. Weeg
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Photo courtesy of David Blosveren and CPI Photo at The Centre At Salisbury.